I wasn't going to bring this up but it kind of hit me again tonight and I just need to address it.

I had someone who I met outside of a hookup situation or online site tell me the other day, "you're a top?? You seem to me to be a bottom!" (BTW I didn't say I was a top but rather implied that I usually am on top for whatever reason). He then went into a couple of reasons as to why he thought I was a complete bottom (which I found to be...unfounded).

Look...it's time out for us being prejudice. Just because someone isn't 100% butch like Noah's Ark plays us out to be does not indicate once's sexual preference. It's like I've come across a fair share of brothas mention to me that they think I'm a bottom. It's like where the hell do you get that from? Yet when I meet someone who is White, sometimes Hispanic...they have no issue seeing me as a top and don't analyze my every move, walk, and tone of voice. Even if I act like a complete queen (which I don't but sometimes it slips) they don't try to place me in position of bottom.

Does this makes sense? Do you get where I'm coming from? I know it's hard throwing race all up in there but I just feel there is a distinct jumping to conclusions thing going on that needs to be given more thought before just making blanket conclusions.

I just find it a bit annoying to be told that when 99% of the guys who walk into my bedroom end up getting fucked. Just saying...