This video is simply the best thing that happened to me this year. I see in this simple innocent gesture of a child the answer to a big question that confused every gay man one phase or the other in his life: Is god against homosexuality? (for those who believe in god)

We are born naked, of clothes yes! but more importantly of all thoughts, religions and traditions. in this weak period of a man's life, he is simply an angel, pure from the source of goodness.

Then the inevitable unfortunate destiny catches up with us and we are taught to believe in some idea and to hate whoever doesn't share the same belief with us, we follow a religion, we accept tradition. The angel inside us dies to be a devil.

Only few of us will be lucky enough to have the wisdom necessary to tell them that there is something more to life; those wise ones will try to get back to the good source and acquire some of the lost angelic beauty along with the already established evilness and crudeness of the world. Then and only then, one could fit the description of a Human!

If ever you get confused about god's opinion - if you believe in it - or mother nature's reason for making us this way, just look how naturally we are accepted in the spectrum of life through the eyes of an angel so close from the good source of creation and so blind to the evilness of intolerance and stereotyping.

Simply, lovely. Simply gorgeous. Simply godly! This is how god/nature would answer any question about us.