Getting Dry Humped On The Subway

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    May 07, 2008 5:21 AM GMT
    has anyone had this happen to them ? I mean, granted it was crowded this morning and I had no choice but to press in between this well build suited Daddy and a another younger colleague of his, but I swear to god the daddy guy was slowly humping his groin into my bum as we were rattling down the city loop. I looked behind me and he was looking away from me, but looked rather flushed.

    Weird. But I feel like I should have charged him icon_rolleyes.gif

    Has anyone had this happen to them ?
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    May 07, 2008 5:29 AM GMT
    yeah I've had something like that happen before, although it was a women and she kept rubbing her chest up against me..

    I eventually told her that they where lovely, but, she was rubbing me up the wrong way.. that the fella next to her would probably be more receptive.

    I honestly have never heard nor seen a train become so quiet, listen so intensely to every word I uttered and then all blush in unison.

    I have had a guy put his arm around me on the train when I almost fell over, he just helped me stay upright, I'd never felt so cared for then by a total stranger.. we changed numbers and dated for a couple of months was awesome.