SUPPORT PALESTINE - The latest News on Palestinian Statehood - Will Netanyahu and his LIKUD's see that the Quartets Statement they accepted included ending the SETTLEMENT BUILDING, and going back to the 67' lines ?

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    Aug 26, 2011 4:02 AM GMT
    This according to today's Haaretz news.

    "China says it supports a Palestinian plan to seek full membership in the United Nations next month."

    "Negotiations with Israel on the terms of Palestinian statehood have been frozen since 2008, As an alternative, the Palestinians have decided to seek UN recognition of an independent "PALESTINE" in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, the areas Israel captured in the 1967 war."

    "Earlier in the week, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs also expressed support for an independent Palestinian State, saying that she hopes a meeting of European Union foreign ministers on Septemeber 2 in Poland will bring progress toward its recognition."

    In a recent topic it was noted that Netanyahu after a lot of bluster finally decided to accept the 1967 lines as the starting point for negotiations "agreed upon land swaps" Its been noted that going back to the 1967 lines for negotiations has always been the starting point and all previous Israeli leaders have achknowledged that fact.

    Complicating things however, this year alone Netanyahu, Lieberman and the rest of the far right team of LIKUD Party members have approved in the range of 5000 Settlement units on Palestinian Occupied Territory, a problem the vast majority (nearly 170 voting members of the UN) does not approve of.

    Netanyahu has accused the Palestinians of doing this to delegitimize Israel... Well what a twist on reality that is. Palestinians cannot go forward attempting to negotiate with an Occupier who is running its people off, stealing their land and building settlements on it for foreign settlers. Those acts are what the world sees as Israel shooting its own peace prospects 'in the foot', a self defeating delegitimizing act against even their own interests.

    Back in April the New York Times wrote that 100 by that time had already stated they would approve of the Palistine statehood bid.

    Anyone have a more current update ? Why shouldn't Palestine be recognized after all Israel seems more interested in taking land for settlement purposes than it does in real peace or they would have stopped the settlements long ago.

    The way its looking a major majority will be siding with Palestine at least in the General Assembly, which puts a lot of pressure on the US not to veto in the Security Council, because if it does then how can it be looked upon as an honest broker for peace where the Palestinians are concerned ? what should the US do ?

    Why would Israel want to continue Isolating itself by insisting on the intransigence represented by those settlements ?

    I think AIPAC's influence be damned, its time for the US to either abstain from voting or vote for it. What do you think ?
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    Aug 26, 2011 6:14 PM GMT
    Back in mid March 2011 Uruguay joined Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraquay in recognizing Palesinian statehood.

    It is now being reported that there are 122 countries who have taken this action. More than enough to support its request in the General Assembly even if the US veto's the move in the "Security Council".
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    Aug 27, 2011 5:06 PM GMT
    "Palestine sees EU support for statehood", This according to Press TV april 28,2011

    "EU Parliamentarians announced from East Jerusalem Al Quds recently that Europe will have to recognize a Palestinian State if and when the PA takes Palestinians Statehood to a vote at the UN in September."
    "When a Palestinians State is born, Israel will be in effect occupying another state and that will put it under risk of sanctions by the UN."

    If the trend continues for the world Governments to vote for the Palestinians bid for Statehood, can the US afford to veto the world on behalf of Israels intransigence in continuing the occupation and theft of Palestinian Occupied Territory for their Zionist Settlements that have displaced thousands of Palestinians ? If so the US cannot be considered a legitimate peace broker, How could it be ?

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    Aug 27, 2011 11:09 PM GMT
    China has a similar situation in its own backyard. I would be curious to see how they could justify supporting the Palestinian bid statehood while repressing Tibetans at the same time.
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    Aug 29, 2011 5:36 PM GMT
    According to David Horovitz in his article for "the Jerusalem Post on the Battle for Europe"

    "Israel is loxing Europe But its got the US forever"

    "NETANYAHU OWNS CONGRESS, but Palestinians have Captured Europe" Many thanks from israel to AIPAC's efforts at influencing the US Congress and all that money coming from Israeli supporters.

    An interesting point that should be noted that among all the articles against Palestinians statehood rights, all mention Palestinian Hamas bombs but conveniently forget to mention those 6000 Palestinian deaths, 1500 of which were children, many killed by IDF snipers because they got too close to some Israeli border zone, or killed by religious fanatic settlers who think its fine to kill the underling Palestinians.

    Even more glaring is these pro Israeli's failure to mention Israel's leadership continueous theft of Palestinian Land for more Settlements. Some 5000 or more approved just his year. But tell us more about how Israel wants peace with those it steals occupied territory from.

    Could it be that the far right likud's in power in Israel don't actually just think they are 'entitled' they are sure they are entitled to what belongs to the Palestinians and their 'entitlement' is behind their 'Chutzpah' to believe its OK and within their rights to steal from those with whom they seek peace from. Yet they complain about Israel being Isolated and delegitimized. Had these leaders any comone sense they'd know their own actions are whats to blame. Stop the settlements and the Palestinians will be back at the table.
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    Sep 01, 2011 7:22 PM GMT
    The 28 member European Union (EU) is divided about whether or not to vote for Palestinian Statehood according to an article in the World section of the Huffington Post.

    The EU Foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton, said that the "EU's 28 members were untied "over the most critical issue, which is to try to get the talks moving," and reiterated the bloc's position that Israeli Settlement building in the Occupied Territories is the Illegal under international law."

    "The changes brought about by the Arab Spring make the need to reach agreement more important than ever, she said."

    "Israel has been lobbying European capitals not to endorse the Palestinian move" for statehood.

    "A diplomat said BELGIUM, CYPRUS, GREECE, IRELAND, MALTA NORWAY, PORTUGAL, SPAIN and SWEDEN are likey to back the resolution. Other nations may join if there is no progress in restarting peace talks over the next 2-3 weeks."

    Does anyone expect Netanyahu or Lieberman to back off those damn Settlements they've approved to be built on Palestinian Occupied Territory ? These Zionist extremists haven't got the sommon sense to realize that they are not 'entitled' to steal land while claiming they want peace with those from whom they are stealing. WHERE IN THE WORLD DO THESE KIND OF ACTIONS STAND AS JUSTICE ? The only reason the US goes against this, is pure and simply the work of the US AIPAC's influence in our American Congress and the donations funneled through its branches, many headed by members of its board of directors.

    Add these 8 above to the already 122 votes in favor of Palestinian Statehood and now we have 130 out of approx 185 members of the UN. This will put the motion well into the approval range.

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    Sep 01, 2011 9:52 PM GMT
    Just some remarks on everything being said.
    Israel should welcome the recognition of a Palestinian state. At the same time the Palestinians need to show more flexibility and openness to resume peace talks. In my opinion, a Palestinian state living in peace next to Israel is the interest of most Israelis and yet I am not sure that this is the end goal of some Palestinians who still want all of Israel to be Palestine.
    The majority of support for a Palestinian state is impressive and yet your choice to mention China as a supporter seem strange to me. It is just like the UN commission for human rights that only talks about human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories while ignoring mass murders all around the world including countries such as Syria, China, Russia and many more. China with all its power is by no means a symbol for justice, peace or human rights;
    Zionism is not about uprooting people from their homes. Zionism has many faces and your attempt to portray it as described by 'Gahandhi' is not the way I and many other Israelis see it. Zionism as I see it call for a homeland for the Jewish people in the state of Israel. When Israel was established people did flee their homes and became refugees but we need to move on from that point and find a common ground. As I see it the establishment of a Palestinian state is part of that move towards such compromise.
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    Sep 01, 2011 10:56 PM GMT
    I like how you think Gooddude, I'll explain so maybe you'll think more highly of how I think too.

    I was reading Haaretz News and happened to notice that China Had agreed to support Palestine, which brought up the subject to me that I should start a topic on what countries are backing the Palestinians move for statehood. Its certainly not that China has is a great example, it was as simple as that.

    Please understand that I believe there is a healthy way for Zionism to bring about the Jewish Homeland. while I cannot say the way things went for Palestinians in the early days of this project was the greatest way to bring about a Jewish Homeland, that is behind and the world accepts Israels right to exist and most Palestinians accept its existence too. They just want to be able to live in peace without their own homeland to be continuously taken, which brings up why I said above that the Extreme Zionist's will not back off the damn Settlements. That is not to condemn all Zionism, only the extreme who happen to be the leadership who seem hell bent on taking so much Palsetinian Land for Settlements that It frustrates any hope of a two state solution.

    The Palestinians who still want to kick the jews out of their Palestine I think are the minority and will become even fewer once Israel stops taking their land for settlements and stops expanding those buffer zones where the IDF destroys farms, houses, Olive groves and occassionally shoots children throught the head if they get to close to those zones. Same as no where near all Israeli's want the Likud's Netanyahu, Lieberman and Dannon to keep frustrating the peace process by continuing to add more and more settlements at the Palestinians expense.

    There's always two sides to every story and I'll bet that if you and I were neighbors and someone had shot your child through the head that you and I would band together to take action against whoever did it. No the Palestinians haven't done everything right by any stretch, but I dare say if you put any group of people in anywhere near the same situation of unfairness as they have faced, then see what they would do, hell, what would anyone do.
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    Sep 03, 2011 2:45 AM GMT
    "Ros-Lehtinen introduces UN-bashing bill ahead of Palestinian statehood vote" This from the above titled Article in Foreign Policy Magazine. 9-1-11

    "House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen R-Florida, introduded a bill today that would effectively slash US contributions to the United Nations and punish any UN organizaion that goes along with the UN Vote on Palestinian statehood next month."

    "Chairman Lehtinen felt it was important to introduce the bill, which includes a title withholding US funding to UN entities which upgrade the status of the Palestinian mission, in advance of the Palestinian Authority's statehood push at the UN"

    "The bill would also withhold funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency which aids Palestinian refugees, call for the US to lead a high level UN effort for "the revocation and repudiation" of the GOLDSTONE REPORT, and pull the US out of the UN Human Rights Council, which commissioned the Goldstone Report and has historically been critical of Israel."

    Just imagine this Congress woman working with AIPAC to produce this kind of "do it Israels way or we'll withdraw our support" tactic. Who runs our Government, Israels interests or the US interests ?

    AIPAC and its Congressional sidekicks are pulling out all the stops they can to illigitimately end the Palestinians bid for statehood, which Netenyahu claims is a unilateral act, but interestingly was the very same process Israel used to gain statehood. But then Israel is entitled according to such leaders, same goes for taking Palestinian Occupied territory for more Settlements, while claiming they want peace with the Palestinians. But when your entitled you can steal from the guy you want to make peace with I guess. And yet these idiots question why the Palestinians want to circumvent such tactics by going straight to the UN for statehood. Mindboggling isn't it.
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    Sep 05, 2011 12:48 AM GMT
    As reported in Haaretz from the New York Times: the "US trying to stall Palestinian Statehood bid at the UN."

    "The Obama Admin. has introduced a plan to restart peace talks with Israel to try to convince Palestinian President Abba to give up the bid to seek recogniction at the annual meeting of Leaders at the UN General Assembly."

    Obama has promised to Veto the move in the UN Security Council

    "But it said Washington lacked support to block a vote by the General Assembly to raise the status of the Palestinians to a nonvoter observer state from that of a nonvoting "entity," which could allow them to join many UN bodies, and PURSUE CASES AGAINST ISRAEL AT THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT."

    "the Administration wanted to avoid having to cast a veto as well as a General Assembly vote that would leave only the US and a few other nations apposed to Palestinian nationhood."


    Abbas wrote in his recent NY Times Op-Ed "the UN General Assembly vote would help him to sue Israel in a variety of International Venues"

    So Israel may have to stop its snipers from shooting Palestinian Children in the head when they play to close to its 'security zones', Israel's IDF will no longer be able to stand by quietly while religious fanatic Settlers beat up on Palestinians, or destroy their crops or their homes. Israel will no longer be able to have its IDF stand guard over the Palestinians while Its soldiers bulldoze Palestinian Homes for yet another of Netanyahu and Liebermans Settlements.

    No wonder Netanyahu and AIPAC have been so busy trying to influence against this move for Statehood by the Palestinians. It means Business as usual with Israels Occupation would then be over. Go Palestinians !!!!

    Israel's ZIONIST FANATICS Netanyahu and Lieberman have refused to stop the settlements, effectively stealing from the Palestinians while claiming they wanted peace with them. They are to blame for their Isolation, deligitimization and for the necessity of Palestine seeking statehood on its own apart from negotiations with the intransigent Israeli leadership.

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    Sep 05, 2011 3:43 PM GMT
    sxydrkhair saidRealifedad,

    The reason why the Israeli government doesn't stop building illegal settlements because Avigdor Lieberman's son and wife both live in illegal settlement. Some Israeli politicians relatives also live in illegal settlements.

    Added to that is that Lieberman has made it plain that he has no intentions of leaving or relinquishing those settlements, his intention as is Netanyahu's, Dannon's and all the rest of the far right Zionist Extremist LIKUDS is to keep building more and more settlements as a means of frustrating the 2 state solution to the point that it is impossible to accomplish. They fully intend to do away with the Palestinian homeland.

    They show their real intentions by their actions, This is why the Palestinians Bid for Statehood is achiving so much backing because the worlds nations see through these Israeli LIKUD Leaders, the world's UN members know full well that had Israel intended to facilitate a Peace agreement to end the Occupation, it could and would have been done long ago.

    These LIKUDS are why Israel is so Isolated and delegitimized, because they took their CHUTZPAH too far in their goals for a Jewish Homeland at the total expense of the Palestinians homeland, They are too fanatic to realize that most world leaders are going to think them anything but sincere in wanting peace while they steal land from the very people they claim to want to make peace with. That kind of actions shows an arrogance and entitled mentality that few in the world can swallow without it leaving a terrible taste in their mouths.
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    Sep 06, 2011 5:31 PM GMT
    According to an article In Haaretz, Titled: "Palestinians: We won't surrender to US pressure to drop UN Bid"

    "Top Abbas adviser says there is little the Americans could do to change the Palestinians plans; two senior white house envoys in region for talks with Israeli, Palestinian Officials."

    "The Palestinians say they will not surrender to American pressure to drop their bid for statehood at the UN, taklng a tough position ahead of a meeting with a senior US delegation."

    "Two senior white house envoys, David Hale and Dennis Ross, arrived in the region on Tues for talks with Israel and Palestinian officials."

    After all the kow towing to Netenyahu that the US congress, Obama and Clinton has done, the Palestinians would be crazy to give up what they'll gain by even just approval from the UN General Assembly. That, as apposed to years of the Israeli's slapping peace in the face by continuing to steal land for settlements while claiming to want peace from those they steal from, is a no brainer.

    The far right LIKUD's Netanyahu, lieberman and the likes of Dannon have taken their "CHUTZPAH" way to far for the UN members to swallow that Israel has good faith peace motives for their settlement building stance.
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    Sep 08, 2011 4:41 PM GMT
    According to Today's reports an article in Jewish Daily Forward stated, "Palestinians Officially Launch Bid for Statehood"

    "The Palestinian Authority on Thursday officially launched its campaign to join the UN as a full member state, a move it hopes to achieve within just a few weeks." "Palestinian Officials urged the leader of the International Community to "exert all possible efforts toward the achievement of the Palestinian peoples just demands."

    "The letter said the campaign would include a series of peaceful events leading up to the Sept. 21 opening of the UN General Assembly, Palestinian Pres. Abbas will address the assembly two days later, according to the officials."

    "The Official launch of the Palestinian campaign was announced amid reported US Repub. attempts to pressure US Pres. Obama into thwarting the Palestinian move."

    "US Rep. Ros-Lehtinen a conservative who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said earlier Wed. that Obama should say clearly and publicly that US will Use its Veto on the Security Council to block any Palestinian bid to gain UN Membership."

    As for Lehtinen's efforts, I SMELL AIPAC 'up in here'. LOL !!! The Pal's already know the veto may be used in the Security Council, so the main push will be in the UN General Assembly where the US cannot Veto them.

    Israel has had years of opportunity to stop the settlement building on the Occupied Pal's territory to forward peace, they have been begged by the US, EU and the UN to stop stealing land for settlements to no avail, they have chosen land grabbing over peace so have left Palestine with no other choice but go for statehood. Anyone think the far righter LIKUD'S will now back off the 5000 settlement units they've approved this year so talks can be restarted ?

    I sincerely doubt it, because for some reason the fanatic Zionist Leaders think themselves entitled to taking land for settlements while they seek peace from those whom they are stealing from. Where on this earth does such a tactics work ? This problem is of Israels own making. You should read the comment section from Haaretz jewish readers, a surprizing number of whom are against these far right LIKUD leaders. If most Israeli's had their way, I'd bet that those Settlements would have been stopped years ago and we'd now have peace between the Israeli's and the Palestinians.
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    Sep 09, 2011 2:58 AM GMT
    sxydrkhair saidSome people think Israel wants peace. I can't believe people fall for that.

    This is what I keep coming back to, how in the world do the LIKUD's Netanyahu and Lieberman expect any clear thinking, conscientious person to actually believe they want peace while they steal the land for settlements from the very ones they seek peace with. WTF ??

    Where on this planet does such CHUTSPAH exhibited by stealing from someone you want to make peace with, get you anything but pure old fashioned disgust and Isolation from those they might attempt to convince. These LIKUD's really must have a deep seated 'entitlement' complex in their self centered, warped and void of fairness little world .
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    Sep 10, 2011 3:22 AM GMT
    Thanks for the Video sxydrkhair, its sure good to know that so many Israeli's are against the Zionist Fanatics in their continuation of robbing the Palestinians of their land for the Occupiers Settlements. Its looking more and more like the disgust is building from inside Israel, to the level of the disgust outside of Israel.

    It cannot be long between now and when the likes of Netanyahu and Lieberman will have burned up all bridges to peace, by frustrating the chances for peace through stealing land, Operation Cast Lead, killing turks unnecessarily on a flotilla ship then refusing to give apology, approving thousands of Settlements this year and many many other actions.

    They complain of never having been so Isolated and delegitimized, but seem to feel entitled to what is not theirs and are too arrogant to even consider that they are in the wrong and have taken things too far for the world to look away any longer. These leaders have spit in the eye of their neighbors so many times that the ugly results are now showing up, the whole world is looking on in amazement at their chutzpah with such acts as frustrating even US efforts toward peace by adding still more settlements at a time when talks could have been restarted, yet these Zioinist fanatics keep right on in their intransigence.

    This LIKUD leadership is very close to the end of its rope and soon to see the results of its actions at the UN Palestinian vote for Statehood. I feel sorry for the everyday Israeli's who suffer from a lack of peace as a result of these fanatics.
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    Sep 10, 2011 3:41 PM GMT
    Israel doesn't want peace unless it is totally on its own terms meaning that the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip become officially annexed into Israel and both remain Israeli soil forever. That is the only way that Israel will accept peace and that stinks. But what do you expect from the US backed, imperialist, terrorist Israelisicon_question.gif
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    Sep 11, 2011 6:34 PM GMT
    UN Chief Says Palestinian Statehood 'Long Overdue'----------According to an Article in "The Jewish Daily Forward"

    "The Palestinian people are "long overdue" in their quest for an indepndent state, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Friday, ahead of a Palestinian push for statehood in the UN planned for later this month."

    "Speaking on Friday, the UN chief was quited by the French news agency AFP as saying he fully supported Palestinians statehood: "the two state vision where Israel and Palestinians can live side by side in peace and security - that is still a valid vision and I fully support it."

    "And I support also the statehood of Palestinians: and Independent, sovereign state of Palestine. It has been long overdue," Ban told reporters in Canberra, adding that a "recognition of a state is something to be determined by member states."
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    Sep 12, 2011 4:31 AM GMT
    From a late up to date article in Haaretz News

    "Abbas realized that US will exercise veto power at Security Council, has instead decided to turn to UN General Assembly to see support of European Union member states in the vote."

    "Three senior European diplomats involved in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations told Haaretz on Sunday that PA Pres Abbas had informed the EU of his decision not to turn to the UN Security Council on Sept 20."

    "Abbas----has instead decided to turn to the UN GA, whose resolutions are less binding, in order to seek the support of the EU member states in the vote"

    (while this goes on, Israel's eight senior cabinet members are hearing from Defense Minister Ehud Barak) "Barak told Prime Minister Netanyahu and the other ministers, that the focus should be on Israel's interests and not on symbolic issues like national honor. If Israel does not try to seriously move the peace process ahead, It will be seen as obstructionist by its friends in the West, Barak told the ministers."

    "By sharpening tensions with the Palestinians, we are inviting Isolation on Israel," Barak also told the octet."

    "The signs are there: afterward we'll have to ask ourselves what we could have done differently," Barak said in closed converstations.

    In my 'humble' opinion we can only hope that something will get through to Netenyahu and lieberman that their hard right swing is turning on them and hurting Israel, the world is not fooled, patience has run out and it has become obvious that they have previously not sought peace in good faith while stealing land for settlements.

    Back to the article:

    "Meanwhile, France and Spain, along with the EU's high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Catherine Ashton, are in advanced stages of negotiations with the Palestinian Authority over a "package deal" that will enable the 27 member states of the EU to vote at the UN General Assembly in favor of upgrading the Palestinians to the Status of a non-permanent member of the UN."

    "The EU are also trying to gain the US agreement ot abstain from the Vote and continue its financial aid to the Pals, in return for a promise by PA Pres. Abbas not to take Israel to the Interantional Criminal Court in the Hague."

    More to come !!!!

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    Sep 12, 2011 4:58 PM GMT
    In today's Jewish Daily Forward, there's an editorial titled "THE SWORD OF SEPTEMBER"

    The writer is very much fearing the Palestinian request for, "in one form or another, (to) elevate their national aspirations." The editorialist thinks its a bad Idea, he goes on about the palestinians, saying they, "Decided to put down this marker, what could have been a positive force for reconciliation has instead turned into a moment everyone seems to be dreading. As economies sink and cites smolder, this is hardly the time for a conflagration at the UN."

    Still this writer has his heart in the right place -------

    "the American Jewish community must position itself as a force for reason and compromise, promoting Israel's best interests but not standing in the AMEN CORNER if the Netanyahu Government continues to make a difficult situation much much worse."

    "No one party shoulders all the blame here, The Palestinian Authority leadership is understandably frustrated that the neguine steps it has taken to build a state from the ground up and to engage in unprecedented security cooperation with Israel have not moved the needle on statehood and seem only to have invited more intransigence "and more settlements" from the Netanyahu Government."
    "the downsides; Well, that depends, From Israels perspective, the most potent danger is that it will embolden Palestinian President Abbas to pursue cases against Israel for alleged war crimes in the International Criminal Court. Another very bad Idea. Such a strategy would dramatically escalate Israels Isolation and do so unfairly, shifting the conflict from the negotiating table to a venue bound to be more litigious and confrontational."
    He goes on to say that the US Congress has threatened, "to cut off the half billion dollars in aid it sends to the PA, that's not just another very bad Idea, its a dangerous one. satisfying though it might be to yank money away from a misbehaving dependent, the collapse of the PA would be a disaster for the region, halting economic development and security cooperation, and undougtedly ushing in a more radical regime."
    "unfortunately, the hope that the Sword of Setember would propel Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu to resume negotiations has been dashed with each passing week." ...."the emphasis must be on crafting languate that will give the Palestinians a tangible advance while protecting Israel from unilateral borders, further diplomatic Isolation and judicial witch hunts. It is possible, not likely, but possible."

    Will Netanyahu wise up and stop his far right swing, witch has alientated the Turks and the Egyptions, while also adding approval of around 5000 settlement untis so far this year, effectively spitting in the eye of the US and the Peace process ? Jewish Americans and many Israeli's see this Netanyahu induced Israeli Isolation, can they get through to Netanyahu? to Lieberman? somehow I doubt it. Will Obama find a spine and tell Netanyahu, enough is enough? that if you keep going down this road and you'll be on your own, because your not taking the US down with you. Netanyahu needs to be told there must be an end to the settlements and a change toward fairness in Peace Negotiations. Its an election year coming up and Obama won't take on AIPAC now, so lets not hold our breath where Obama's finding a spine is concerned.
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    Sep 13, 2011 4:29 PM GMT
    This from Haaretz in The Jewish Daily Forward

    Israel Points To Embassy Attack As Fodder Against Statehood Vote

    "Israel's overseas ambassadors have been instructed by the Foreighn Ministry to use last weekend's attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo to convince decision-makers in the countries where they serve that the United Nations recognition of a Palestinian State will lead to a violent eruption in the West Bank."

    "Eviatar Manor, head of the ministry's international organizaions branch, sent a telegram to this effect to Israel's embassies, under the headline "September - an updated assessment and instructions."

    "In the cable, Manor told the envoys to continue their efforts to convince senior foreign officials not to support the Palestinians statehood bid at the UN, and to convey the message that, "What we saw in cairo demonstrates that, despite the declarations by Abu Mazen" ( Palestinian Authority President Mahmound Abbas) and other senior Palestinians that they are not planning a violent confrontation, the violence could also come from the street."

    "The Palestinians are selling their willingness to compromise on an application to the Security Council in exchange for getting support for having the General Assembly upgrade their status to a state that isn't a full member," Manor wrote.

    Seems these are acts of desperation to do and say anything to stop this, when all they needed to do was stop stealing land and stop approving and building more and more settlements on Occupied Palestinian Territory.

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    Sep 14, 2011 5:44 PM GMT
    sxydrkhair saidIt's quite simple really. The longer & harder the Zionists attempt to thwart a bid for self determination and statehood, the more isolated Israel will become , esp. in their very neighborhood, and the harder the Palestinians will fight for their human rights.

    Reading more today, its becoming obvious that Ntanyahu's own military have been advising him toward opening up negotiations with the Palestinians, because of the Isolation they see.

    He was chastised in writing by upper level rival party heads for letting the window of time pass for peace negotiations by his hard right stance on settlements, on refusing to apologize over the killing of 9 turks and the similar way he handled the killing of 5 egyptian police. What does Netanyahu do? he digs in and refused to apologize, adds more settlement approvals, and isolated Isreal even further. Several Israeli writers are calling for early elections elections to replace him, but it will be too late for the UN vote for Palestinian recognition, still no sign of Netanyahu facing the reality of what he has and is doing to place Israel further out on a limb.

    All the while this is going on, Obama sends Ross an ex CEO of AIPAC to try to talk Abbas into getting back to the table for peace negotiations rather than going to the UN for Recognition. This puts the US in a weakened, non credible position as proxy for Israel, not an unbiased Nation trying to bring two sides together to seek peace. All this works together to bring more of the 193 UN members to see that Palestine really has no choice but seek recognition from the UN because the reality is they cannot receive fairness from the team of Israel and AIPAC influenced/driven US foreign policy. The US more and more according to world view is being run by Israeli AIPAC influence, from the Congress to the Senate, state Dept. right up to the President who dares not risk losing the AIPAC influenced donor base for his upcoming re-election.

    The world sees all of this, which is why the Palestinians are having such success with the UN, who are intent on bringing about fairness regardless of Israel and its backer the US. One writer said today, that purhaps since Netanyahu has gotten away with thumbing his nose and embarassing Obama by his adding settlements and refusal to apologize, that its time for the Palestinians to embarass the US by going straight to the Security Council where the US would pretty much stand alone if it Veto's Palestinian recognition. I rather hope they don't and just go to the General Assembly unless of course Obama suddenly develops a spine and backs off the Veto threat. WHAT A FUCKING MESS BROUGHT TO US BY PUTTING ISRAELS WISHES BEFORE OUR OWN US INTERESTS.
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    Sep 15, 2011 10:46 AM GMT
    Around noon today Israeli time, Haaretz updated the situation with Palestinians anouncing they will "Seek Full UN Membership on September 23"

    Palestinian "Top diplomat Riyad Al-Malki says Palestinians to turn to Security Council next Friday, ending speculation over whether the Palestinians would risk a US Veto." He "told reporters on Thursday in the West Bank capital of Ramallah that the bid would be submitted next Friday."

    A great majority of the 193 UN membership appears to be headed toward a vote for Palestinian Statehood. The US will be standing pretty much alone except for a few small Islands, as they've done on many an Ocassion but this time with the world looking on in wonder at the "Tail (Israel) wagging the dog" (the mighty US). Its still not sure whether or not Germany and a few other EU members have decided to go with Palestinians or not. but most of them had announced for Palestine.

    Personally I wish Obama would develop a spine and tell Israel that this whole problem belongs to them from their intransigence in not just refusing to stop the settlements, but making it much worse by adding thousands more as a spit in the face of Peace efforts. No matter what Palestinians may have done recently, this settlement issue seems to be looming as the biggest and most aggrevating problem stalling the peace process.

    After all its just a simple fact of life all over the world in any dealings no matter how small even down to relations between two Kindergarden children that if you want to make peace with someone, you don't steal from them while claiming to want peace. HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND ? When will the US shake ltself of running interference for this spoiled child Israel, AIPAC or no AIPAC its time for Obama to think of the US interests rather than digging Israel out yet another mess of its own making. Its been written that Obama wants to avoid the embarassment of Vetoing the Palestinians, If he does Veto, he damn sure will embarass and bring further hate down on the US. This is proving out to be one of those "with friends like 'them' who needs enemies" situations.

    Think about what an awkward situation backing everything Israel does because of AIPAC influence in the US, has got us in.

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    Sep 15, 2011 11:27 PM GMT
    Thanks for the links Pouncer, your a great help.

    This evenings Haaretz has an article saying that Netanyahu will be present and speak to the UN on the day of Palestines Abbas will deliver his request for Statehood. He is quoted as saying that Israel does not receive "fair hearing" at UN, but that he has "DECIDED TO TELL THE TRUTH"

    I'll be interested to see if this truth will include about his party's 'Unilaterally' taking land and building of settlements on Occupied Palestinian Territory, while he discusses how he's against the 'Unilateral' efforts of the Palestinians to acquire Statehood ?

    Will he tell of snipers bullets to Gaza Childrens heads that just might be behind a few of those rockets being lobbed toward Israel ? There is a whole list of things I doubt he'll tell that would give the UN the truth. But its pretty well settled that his audience doubts his cridibility primarily because of his stand on settlement building which effectively steals a bit more with each building unit, of the Palestinians hopes for their own state. Will he tell how that keeps frustrating hopes for peace? Who can believe someone wants peace while they consistently steal from someone they claim to want peace with.


    I just learned that THE LIKUD'S CONSTITUTION, ARTICLE 1b

    "Declares that the Likud movement is dedicated to "upholding the right of the Jewish People to Eretz Ysrael as an unquestionable right" "the Term Eretz Yisrael includes also the Jordan Valley (at least) on the East side of the Jordan river,


    Should anyone doubt why Netanyahu, Lieberman, Dannon and the rest of the far right Likuds are so hell bent on keeping up the settlements ? They had no intention of and no interest in a two state solution as witnessed by their actions as apposed to what few words toward peace they've promoted in the last several years. All the while stalling things with their settlement building, but blaming the palestinians for 'preconditions' based on the ending of those settlements.

    I wonder why our RJ member LIL'AIPAC (Ceaserea4) never brought this out about the LIKUDS in all his volumes of blaming the Palestinians for the lack of peace?

    Anyone doubt that the other voting members of the UN will hold Netanyahu as 'uncredible' knowing this, as he speaks about why the Palestinians should try to negotiate with him and his Likud partner Lieberman, rather than try to get fairness from the UN ? Does he think the whole world is stupid ? He should know that AIPAC hasn't been able to 'stupify' the rest of the world like they have here in the US.

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    Sep 16, 2011 6:17 PM GMT
    Pouncer saidI'm really not sure what to make of this, to tell you the truth RLD. The Palestinians seem to be betting against the US vetoing its owned declared position twice in one year (the US vetoed its own declared position on the settlements issue back in February).

    I think this could be a mistake. There's no doubt in my mind that the US will use its veto at the Security Council on Sept 23. If the Palestinians then turn to the General Assembly and win there, it could be seen as them moving on to Plan B, or even worse - as a face-saving measure.

    I think the Palestinians need to make this statement where they know they can win - ie. in the General Assembly where they can be sure of an overwhelming victory, and where they can elevate their status without disqualifying themselves from the aid that their people so desperately need.

    Although it's not binding, a statement showing a consensus of support for a unilaterally declared Palestinian state by over 130 nations worldwide will send a devastating message.

    As you say, Netanyahu has made scuppering this bid for Palestinian statehood a national priority for Israel all year. He has travelled to New York already (why IS the UNSC headquarters in New York and not in Geneva, Switzerland, by the way??) and will I think be quite satisfied with some kind of Palestinian failure/embarrassment at the Security Council.
    Israelis are marching in the streets right now protesting Netanyahu's settlement policy and his blatant obsession with Palestinian national aspirations over the welfare of his own people. Israelis are angry enough that Netanyahu's no longer in the city they're protesting in by their thousands. What the Palestinians need to do is send him back home to his angry citizens with the message that the world community isn't buying his nonsense either.

    I've read article after article in the Jewish Daily Forward and particularly in Haaretz written against Netanyahu and Liebermans far right stances that are they say at fault for the unprecidented Isolation and deligitimizaion. even most comments are against those two and what they are doing to Israel.

    A lot of comments are about how the US is being led by Netanyahu and AIPAC influence in the US Halls of Congress. We are declining in the worlds eyes over fanancing and backing Israels intransigence and their wrongful acts against the Palestinians.

    My understanding Pouncer, is that even though Abbas may take his bid for full statehood to the Security Council, where as we expect the US to veto the move, the Pals still have the option to go on to the General Assembly where there is a great majority for some level of recognition, much to Israel's and the US dislike.

    One of the Biggest objections Israel has is the ability of Palestine to take cases against Israel's settlements to the Hague, this is one right that they likely will gain in the General Assembly. There is however, a move being passed around amongst the EU members to get Abbas to agree not to take Israel to the Hague in order to get Unanimous 27 member EU approval.
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    Sep 17, 2011 4:19 PM GMT
    This from todays Haaretz News:

    PA Official: "US Mideast peace offer convinced Palestinians to seek statehood at UN"

    "Senior palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath Says proposal offered by visiting US envoys only achieved in convincing President Abbas that Washington wasn't serious about brokering peace with Israel."

    "David Hale and Dennis Ross (a former US/Israeli AIPAC official) came with a paper that was the last straw that he (Abbas) could take, "said Shaath, "It seems that it was designed to be rejected,"

    "One issue the Palestinians had with the American proposal was it did not refer to disputed Israeli settlements as illegal, Instead attributing their presence to demographic trends since 1967." "Shaath said accepting the US proposal would have legalized the disputed settlements."

    You can bet that the rest of the diplomatic world reps. in the UN is paying close attention to the fact that the US sent someone who in reality represents AIPAC, ie: Israels interests to supposedly represent US 'interests', not even an idiot could look at this offer and not know that this US offer served only Israels interests to forward the illgal settlements. This was an affront to the palestinians and any UN members inteligence who supports a peacefull two state solution.

    Not only was this a foolish move by the Obama Admin. in an effort to appease the US AIPAC influenced donors, it only serves to give solid proof to the onlooking world that Abama/the US, is not an unbiased/ good faith and legitimate peace negotiator that Palestine can trust. It further shows that truthfully palestine has no more viable opportunity to seek an end to its land being stolen for settlements than to go before the UN for statehood or the next best thing.