Recognizing someone from online IRL?

  • Scriven

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    Aug 26, 2011 5:39 PM GMT
    With so many people having a big online presence what's the protocol if you happen to recognize someone in real life?

    I ask because last weekend the BF and I were at Jungle and recognized these two guys from xtube who have posted a couple of rather intense videos online. Nathaniel pulled up their profile on and they said they were up for meeting another couple and it's something we thought about for a while, cause they were one of those couples we both could have fun with, but eventually dropped the idea.

    So what's the procedures here? With Girndr, A4A, Dudesnude and Manhunt if you have a profile and go out to bars odds are pretty good you're going to get recognized at some point, or recognize someone else from the site, especially in smaller cities, I would think. If you see someone whose profile or video you recognize is it okay approach them? What if its someone who may have rejected you online? Should you pretend like you don't notice them? Like advert your eyes or something? Or should you be the "Bigger Party" and by the guy who rejected you a drink?

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Experiences?
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    Aug 26, 2011 11:52 PM GMT
    I just know that someone someday is going to walk up to me and say they've seen me online. Just hope that he's "the one."