Choosing skis Nordica Spitfire vs Fischer RC4..... Advice please

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    Aug 27, 2011 1:43 AM GMT
    Hi guys.
    I only started skiing in January 2010. I had done it once many years ago but didn't realise how much I loved it. SInce then I have been chasing winter around the globe and have been skiing every season since and planning every season onwards too.
    So if you're going to be in Japan skiing this winter let me know. Niseko is AWESOME!
    Was just in Queenstown NZ and the runs there are AWESOME! Treble Cone and The Remarkables are the best. Winter Games are currently being held in Cardrona (between Queenstown and Treble Cone, Wanaka).
    Anyways I'm really looking to buy my own skis. I have been trying bunches of them out. I enjoy fast down hill skiing, moguls and I'm pretty demanding on my skis. I'm committed to improving my technique and taking lessons whenever I can to do this. SO I want skis that I can grow into rather than out grow to quickly.
    I've tried multiple all mountain and racing skis from Head, Vokl, Fischer and Nordica.
    I think It's between the Fischer Super Racer SC RC4s and Nordica Spitfires Dobermann. I'm not sure which Spitfire though....
    Any advice on the different Spitfires? There are quite a few options.
    The next big question is length. I'm 173cm (5'8") and 74kg (163lb).
    Although I'm only a new skier I apparently have natural competence. Please don't take this as cockiness, I'm very aware that I do not have the experience or technique yet. Ski companies and instructors always increase my ski length because of my ability. I don't like skiing on 170cms though! theyre not nimble enough. Although they are stable at high speeds (Vokl Code 170s AMAZING!!! but theyre all mountain....)
    I am erring to a 160 to increase the responsiveness even though this last season I skied almost entirely on 165s. I just think in moguls 160s will be easier, I'm only 173cm remember.
    Any advice on ski length and skis?
    I am looking at buying my skis online in the US so if you have any recommended sites I would appreciate this!
    thanks guys!
  • FredMG

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    Aug 27, 2011 3:00 AM GMT
    How's the snow down there? that's gonna play a big part on how shorter skies respond.

    Boots are just as important as your skis, so I'd say look at something that:
    -cradles your foot good and snug
    -has a flex 120-140.

    At 160-ish pounds those should be pretty stuff boots.

    As far as skis I'd pull off the shelf:
    Volkl Grizzlies
    Volkly AC5/AC50 (the titinium sheet with carbon fiber stringers).

    Between the two choices you have up there, I'd say go for the fischers, 'caus you've already had nordicas and if they didn't wow you enough to keep riding them, move on.

    So, since your Ski season is opposit ours here in the northern hemisphere, are you on th 2011/2012 model year? I'd kind of guess that but I never really thought about it.
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    Aug 27, 2011 10:27 AM GMT
    Thanks for your input!
    I have some awesome Nordica boots already. I LOVE them. Have had them tweaked several times to fit my unique foot and now I LOVE them! Did I mention how in love with them I am. Best purchase ever!
    Yes it's quite bizarre in terms of fashion Australia is a year behind. In terms of ski gear we are a season in front (yet we have little snow......)
    I am still very open to the Nordica Spitfire or Pro version.
    the question is length. the Spitfires are 162c so I'm cool with that they're great.
    But the RC4s are 160cm or 165cm. I am erring on the side of 165 but am I going too long????
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    Aug 28, 2011 12:22 PM GMT
    anyone else with advice?
  • shred_thegnar

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    Sep 08, 2011 10:57 AM GMT
    great to see another excited about this sport, though jealous at the same time of where you have been. I am still riding my K2 from three seasons ago, hopefully changing to Volkl Bridge.

    My suggestion if you have not tried them in the past, rent or demo a race oriented ski first they are different and being one year new may not feel quite as right. Also ask questions from sellers or employees of ski shops, they may give you a hard time at first being a year in and buying a whole wack of good equipment but they are the best resources.

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    Sep 10, 2011 11:48 PM GMT
    Yeh thanks mate. I tried some Vokl Codes and some other all mountain skis and hated them. I really like the responsiveness of the race skis. Doing moguls for example in all mountain skis is like driving through sand dunes in a tank. They're slow and sluggish..... frustrating.
    So yeh I'm pretty keen for some race skis. I was renting from this really good place in Queenstown NZ. The dudes were so informative and helpful. The dudes I was traveling with were joking that I was dating Brown's Ski Shop because I went there everyday after the slopes to change skis and chat. Truth was there were a couple of hot dudes there and this place was the most informative place I had discovered to learn about skis. So thankful!!! These dudes and the randoms I met on the ski lifts were awesome!
  • Bobby323232

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    Nov 17, 2011 4:04 AM GMT
    I think it's a personal prefernces I had a pair of Rc4 I liked them then whent to Atonic gs 12 and the last two years I have been on Rossigonl Radical in a 174 and the pop off them is incedible they are grate in the crud and on ice but I can still power them in the bumps last march I demo'ed a set of blizzard Gsr 174 and wow well best of luck with what ever U end up with
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    Dec 20, 2011 8:45 AM GMT
    anyone else got thoughts on this?
    I'm going to Europe and Scandinavia for the next month I'm sure there will be some awesome skiing involved!