I continue to be on the Board for the Wichita Men's Chorus group and one of our primarily responsibilities is fundraising. In the last 2 years our group has moved from being in the red about $10,000 to being in the black. Lots of good changes the the Heart of America Men's Chorus and the 8 of us on the board have worked hard to insure success.

I do the twice a year rummage sale, but also came up with the idea of a Bachelor Auction, to be held at one of the gay clubs in Wichita. The club has been awesome with partnering with us on some successful fundraisers
including a bingo night a couple of weeks ago.

I was a part of a bachelor auction some years ago and hope to mirror this one in a similar way. Get local restaurants to support the chorus by providing a meal for two and try and get some high profile gay guys in the
area to volunteer their efforts. We already know we need to put forth some very specific rules as to what is expected... and not! The guys basically are bidded on for a dinner date and the money is used to support the chorus. HOAMC hasn't done this before and I want to make sure we don't make mistakes.

Some have encouraged us to consider "this and that".. but what we think will work is about 10 guys willing to participate. Just curious as to whether any of the RJ membership has done this before and can offer any suggestions. We certainly want it to be a successful fundraiser!