Religion is

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    Aug 28, 2011 7:11 AM GMT
    a myth that was written by kings to control people through fear, and control population through genocide.

    I've determined that is a fact, and nothing will ever change my mind on that. It can be seen throughout history with wars, genocide, torture, and persecution, all in the name of this so called "god." In fact, wars and genocide are still taking place as a result of this bullshit. The only reason the population started increasing exponentially in the mid-20th century is because science was finally allowed to operate freely, and people started realizing that this hateful thing they called god was only a plug put in the cracks of knowledge that could otherwise not be filled.

    Some of you may have read earlier that I am disowning my mother as a result of her perpetual belief in this murderous faith called Christianity, because after 20 years of being out of the closet she still reminds me regularly that I'm going to burn in hell (not word for word, but says she prays that I'll turn my life around to be in heaven with her - politically correct way of saying I'm going to hell).

    My apologies and condolences to those who still believe this myth. Changing it up to make you happy is only a show of your insecurity. I have no insecurity with being gay, and feel no need to change an ancient myth to make myself feel better. Believe it or not, I am happy; and have been for years. The only thing that will make me happier is knowing I'll never have to hear my own mother condemn me to hell fire ever again just for being born the way her "god" made me.

    In the red-letter texts of the bible, the man called Jesus said some very loving words that we can all use to better ourselves. Those are the words I choose to live by - not because I think I'll go to hell otherwise - but because they're just good advice. Other than that, the rest of the bible (and other religious texts) can go to their own hell and burn for all the inhumane acts they've caused humanity to do.
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    Aug 28, 2011 2:04 PM GMT
    Paul, I know you are a wonderful, good man and I hope you can come to a place where you are at peace with yourself. I have some family members who choose to see everything in black and white, such as your mother. At least they treat me with civility. I think this is where forgiveness comes into play and as Jesus said, "pray for them who persecute you." These people, who are always spewing hatred toward gays, jews, other religions, races, cultures, and anything else you can name, are not practicing true Christianity and are very immature in their faith. Can we change them? No. Can we still love them? Yes. I refuse to perpetuate hatred even if many choose to hate me. Afterall, it's their problem. Peace be with you, Paul.
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    Aug 28, 2011 3:35 PM GMT
    Remember Paul... I'm a phone call away!
  • Lincsbear

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    Aug 28, 2011 11:03 PM GMT
    Religion is fairy tales for grown ups to comfort them in a big,cold,empty indifferent universe with no cosmic justice;a make believe world(not unlike the theatre) where Earthly imperfections are made less by our imaginations.
    The elites of any society soon spotted people`s need for it and usurpted it for more mundane purposes such as social control.Thus it has become largely what we see today.
    Paul,I`m sorry to hear of your troubles with your mother.I`m glad you have found peace nevertheless.My story is different.I was lucky to have grown up with two loving,kind pious parents who taught me every day the value of love,charity,faith,forgiveness,etc.(even though I have come eventually to see the supernatural basis of all this as a grand delusion).Sadly, they do not seem to get noticed as much as your mother`s kind with her Old Testament hellfire and damnation.I more than take your point of their crimes against humanity.This is much to my parents` religion`s (and all others`)disfavour.
    We seem to have come to similar positions from very different places.
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    Aug 29, 2011 4:07 AM GMT
    Religion is a "PAIN IN THE ASS" LOL !!!

    I just spent about 45 minutes flipping through the sunday evening Christian save the sinners circuit, to see what they had to say tonight, It leaves me shaking my head in disgust and at a loss for words to describe the ignorance these preachers spread, all told 'as they say "under the light of the holy word of god, written to warn the world of the end times that are upon us".

    Pat Robinson tells us that it may be God that caused that earthquake that cracked the Washington Monument last week, a warning from God of the end times. Last winter he claimed God sent snow to keep Gays from going to some Gay destination. LOL !! Another preacher today told his audiance that it displeases god that Obama wanted Israel to apologise to Turkey over their soldiers killing 9 turks on a Peace mission to Gaza. Another one claims that God cannot bless America, indeed that he'll withold blessings over gays in the military and Government approved abortions. Yet another is warning his parishioners to repent or suffer eternal hell fire. (yes that god of love they claim has a special kind of fire that doesn't burn up its victim, just causes suffering for all of eternity for the average life of 75 years of sinfull living. OH WHAT A LOVING GOD these preachers are here to tell us to serve. LOL

    If there is a God, will he please save us from these idiots that so misrepresent him. LOL

    That's why I said above, "Religion is a "PAIN IN THE ASS" LOL !! What other conclusion can a person come to. ?
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    Aug 29, 2011 4:34 AM GMT
    Religion is : the answer

    if you've got enough naivety and you've got conviction
    then the answer is perfect for you
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    Aug 29, 2011 1:42 PM GMT
    Religion is of no real issue to me. One is not an insecure homosexual, thus one dose not feel threatend by religion. The Liberals have many false belief system, that I find more concerning, and they fail to see the trail of damage behind them Look at the damage Obama's Hope and change has damaged Americans alone.

    But then America is also the worlds largest Christain country too; In Obama's words: it "One Nation Under God!" That is trying to Americanise the world. Security in ones self, means one does not feel threatend by religion, nor care if it's a myth or not. But there is something out there............