Hey Jocks,

You ever get those repetitive emails from beautiful strangers, best friends, boyfriends, burly bears, hot top daddies, butch bottoms, twink teases, luscious ladyboys, jock rockers, emo joes, porn addicts, flabby freaks, crazy creepers, stalkers, down low dudes, cheating husbands, horny couples, or the fool who lives in a fantasy? Looking for away to jazz up the conversation but can’t find the words to articulate your view? Try using these gifs! Add more if you like.

If a guy asks you what you’re doing, while you’re in the adult chat room you can respond with: Nothing much just chillin. tumblr_lobx25YAZV1qe5rqyo1_400.gif

Or Try this

If a guy emails you asking to see your private pictures and he does not have any.You can respond with: Sorry I don’t have any Privates at this time for you. They have been stolen.

When some creeper you never met or spoken to start telling you you’re the man of his dreams and he loves you. You can respond with 1zedzxz.jpg

If he really doesn’t get the point tell him your engaged and your really excited about your

Enjoy and I hope your emails are hella great!