I give A LOT of credit and respect for the cross fit nation for doing the '31 Heroes' workout, but it really pisses me off that it took the death of 30 Americans, 8 Afghans and 1 working dog to bring the collective ADD attention of the United States back to Afghanistan.

What pisses me off even more, is the fact that only when we lose 30 people and 1 working dog does the cross fit nation decide to do a huge fundraiser, and then, only for the families of those 30 personnel.

I am not nor will I EVER take away from the sacrifice of these men and their families. Yes, I recognize the SEALs are a very small community and this hit them at a very highly emotional time. What I ask, is that everyone does not forget the 1700+ Soldiers, Sailors, Marines & Airmen that also gave their lives in Afghanistan that did not receive a workout based upon their heroics.