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    Sep 03, 2011 2:03 PM GMT
    Not really something for the fitness forum I guess, so I'll ask here.

    Given my application dismissal from the Marines, I've decided to focus in on my backup plan: becoming a certified personal trainer. I feel that this will probably be the next best thing for me. I'm great with people (they love me) and I like helping others, so I thought I could make a better impact on those around me.

    Now, I have a tentative plan to return to school next fall and follow through with a Personal Trainer certification program (sans an associates, just the PT stuff), but I'm not sure if their program is worth it or not. I've been looking up the various groups that offer it and I'm stuck on a few:

    ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association
    NCSF - National Council on Strength & Fitness
    NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine
    AFPA - American Fitness Professionals & Associates

    What the bajeezus. There's so many freaking groups out there I have no idea what to look into. First and foremost, the community college I attended follows the NCSF, which seems pretty cool. Unfortunately I can't find a copy of their textbook online to ponder over. The ISSA seems more "established" (aka spiffy and professional looking) and offers an associates degree in PT and Nutrition. The only downside is government aide isn't available to help with their tuition :/

    So, for those of you that are personal trainers or know others who have become certified: opinions?

    Thanks! icon_biggrin.gif
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    Sep 03, 2011 9:13 PM GMT
    Have you check with NFPT? I'm also planning to enter the PT realm and I'm going with the NFPT which is one of the shortest certifications you can get and you study at your own pace plus is widely accepted in all national corporate gyms. My plan is to stick with a national chain for at least a year or two then as time progresses, get 2 or 3 more certifications that will help me built enough clientele to be a private trainer.

    Good Luck!