My mom likes to remind me of this occasionally and poke fun at me for it. But I defied a lot of odds to be born into this world. I wasn't planned at all because my mom actually had two other sons before me (with two other ex-husbands) and had her tubes tied after her second. Well, little did she know that surgery didn't work out too well because I appeared 10 years later! Apparently my mom was devastated when she find out she was pregnant, haha!

To make things even more interesting, my mom had no idea she was pregnant with me until 6 months into the pregnancy! She didn't grow much during the earlier months. She simply thought she had gotten a little chubby. She also had a few small periods, so that didn't give her much of a clue either. On top of that, my mom smoked and drank during much of the pregnancy (since she didn't know she was carrying me)! At least I was born a month early. She only had to suffer 2 months of conscious pregnancy.

I have to give my mom credit for always having been honest about this story. She never sugar-coated it even when I was little. It's never made me feel bad. It cracks me up now that I'm an adult. Life is always full of unexpected surprises. Fortunately she believes I was a good surprise! Besides, I was a lot easier to raise than my brother!