How many of you guys are your parents' only one? I have a much older half-brother, but I never grew up with him. For one thing, he grew up far away from me with his father and step-mother. So I pretty much consider myself an only child since I was the only one for my mom and dad in our house.

Do you any of you get comments on being only children? I fortunately have not experienced that much in my life. I know some people tend to think of only children as selfish, spoiled, and socially inept. That couldn't be further from the truth because only children are no different from anyone else. In fact, most of the spoiled and obnoxious people I know are ones with siblings icon_wink.gif

I honestly never felt lonely growing up. I always had friends at school or in my neighborhood. I got my social skills just fine. I suppose the only thing that makes me different from my friends with siblings is that I have a higher need for privacy. I definitely need space and time alone to myself. I like being alone more than most people. There are a lot of things I don't mind or prefer doing by myself that many couldn't bare to do.

At least we're in good company now! Families in America and Europe are much smaller than they used to be 50+ years ago. A lot of parents are having only one kid these days by choice or circumstance.