That's why I'm more homosexual than heterosexual from a visual and touch perspective.

Oh, goodness, I did need a refresher on sex organs.

1. I haven't seen a female urethra in real life. I don't know if you can see one with your eye from the vaginal opening. And I haven't explored and enjoyed a female's vagina as much as I've enjoyed a male's penis.

2. All this talk about prostate stimulation; but semen probably comes from the seminal vesicle. And I see the testicle tube does not take the short route from testicle to shaft, it goes all the way around the bladder.

It's exciting to see male arousal and ejaculation. There's more to watch at the spot of arousal and ejaculation with a man than with a woman. Women can be more attractive and loving than men. Women are better at defeating loneliness than men are. On average, women are better domestic partners where breeding, breast-feeding children and socializing with the family tree are involved.

All of this should factor in where a person puts his place on the gay to straight continuum. When I do this, I'm never 100% gay and I'm never 100% straight.

Social standing with family and relatives depends on opposite-gender bonding. This is one reason why there are so many headless pictures of men who want sex or affection with other men.