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    Sep 05, 2011 7:16 AM GMT
    I've been with my partner for a year and a half. We both have dated women in the past. We were actually roommates for close to 2 years and as it turned out, I'm now his first boyfriend, he's only dated women before me and I've been with men & women for the last 10 years. We broke up earlier this year, he moved out into his own place, we got back together a few months later and now we are best friends.

    But, we've been going through a tough couple of weeks...

    After getting to know him as a roommate and pretty much spending all my time with him over the past year together, it's become clear that he has a lot of women friends. Seriously, he has numerous really really close lady friends, and like 1 guy friend. And then there's his mom, who is very very close with him, and now he wants to move in with one of his "girlfriends."

    So, I've tried to also befriend all his friends, but, I either find them really emotionally needy, boring, or banging hot, and the sexual tension is odd and uncomfortable for everyone involved with that last category. It's a tough spot to be. One time he got really angry with me for acting playfully flirty with a girl in front of him, even though I was just acting natural and trying to be friendly. It's rough.

    I've just told him I'm insecure with him moving in with one of his "girlfriends." Who happens to be ridiculously attractive. I can't see myself going over to his house and not being totally jazzed on her, him getting mad, and the whole thing going to shit.

    We've talked about living together, but we just aren't there yet.

    I don't have a circle of women friends, and i don't really want one. I like guys more. I basically have 2 guy friends and that's it. Maybe I'm missing out, but it makes me think that if he wants to be around women all the time and live with one, he should just go back to dating women, right?

    I typically fight for maintaining relationships, and at the same time this just doesn't feel right.

    Any thoughts?

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    Sep 05, 2011 1:05 PM GMT
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    Sep 05, 2011 1:08 PM GMT
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    Sep 05, 2011 4:59 PM GMT
    Are you jealous of his relationship with his "girlfriends" or uncomfortable because you may want to sleep with them? Or are you annoyed at how much he identifies with women? Is this a deal breaker for your relationship? Are you considering breaking up over it?

    I'm confused and find it hard to answer without a bit of clarity.

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    Sep 05, 2011 5:24 PM GMT
    It seems u still love him .. and he seems that he doesn't care or just trying to make u jealous .. i would say u should do like him .. just keep pretending that u don't care ...