As Long as you got the Cash that is icon_confused.gif

You see the republicans get pummeled everytime they have the open public coming to their meetings
SO............. by having them CATERED by a third party they can be by invite only and have to charge
keeping the PUBLIC down to a minimum
All to avoid THIS from happening icon_rolleyes.gif

"Pay-to-say meetings?" Want to ask a question of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.)? That'll be $15. Maybe you want to ask freshman Congressman Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) about his stance on the deficit reduction committee? I hope you've got $35 to spare. That's right, during this congressional summer recess when our elected representatives head back to their districts to presumably meet with constituents, these Members, and countless others like them, are holding town hall meetings. But you've got to pony up to get in.

By outsourcing the events to third parties that charge an entry fee to raise money, members of Congress can eliminate most of the riffraff while still — in some cases — allowing reporters and TV cameras for a positive local news story.