One reason why Obama is unveiling his overly-anticipated jobs plan this week: everyone's still in a very sour mood about his handling of the economy. This morning, the president was bombarded with three dour new polls from Politico/George Washington University, Washington Post/ABC News and The Wall Street Journal/NBC News showcasing--take your pick--"economic foreboding," "summer of discontent," or "rapid erosion of confidence" in his administration's policies. Not great post-Labor Day news to wake up to.

In the important "the country's barrelling in the wrong direction" metric, all three find the public sapped of their optimism: Politico finds 72 percent of voters believing strongly or somewhat headed in the wrong direction, The Journal/NBC finds 73 percent saying the same thing and The Washington Post/ABC says 77 percent think the country's going off the rails. All three find rises in that level of pessimism.