This happens once in a while. I'll get a message from an unverified member with a photo wanting to get to know each other better. The English is generally pretty good, though there are sometimes expressions that would not be used by native speakers, though the profile location is always in the US. The one thing they say is they are not on RJ too often and want me to contact them at an email address, generally yahoo. Obviously they want my address. Read enough about the general pattern. They target someone older, assuming they have money and can be easily charmed. Then some difficulty arises and they need money.

I'm curious as to why they request to go outside of RJ in the first contact. Seems that would be a tip off. I realize they would want it soon so if they were found out and banned they could still make contact. Maybe they're doing it with several RJers over staggered periods and don't want earlier contacts to blow the whistle and mess up their later contacts. Any other ideas?

BTW - In this one case I looked for the photo on TinEye, but nothing found. Also did not turn up anything.