I got to go to a sneak preview of Warrior more than a couple weeks ago and still can't get over what a fantastic film it is.

Tom Hardy just eats the camera alive with raw, brutal, wounded masculinity. The plot follows a few conventions but the performances, writing and telling details flesh them out so they don't feel formulaic.

And don't let the trailer fool you -- while the film ultimately delivers a cathartic moment of redemption, it comes at a terrible price to everyone involved and therefore feels earned.

I've heard comparisons to Rocky, but this film is so much better and the way these brothers get their opportunity is infinitely more plausible than the Apollo Creed publicity-stunt scenario. Though I don't think there have been many good MMA films (at least not the ones I've seen), it really does lend itself to much more realistic underdog movies than boxing because the rate at which fighters' fortunes change seems to be so swift in MMA (Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre notwithstanding).

That said, I'm a casual MMA fan, not hardcore at all. I'll be curious to see what the MMA guys on here think.