Replacement gaydars.....where to get one?

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    Sep 09, 2011 1:19 AM GMT
    So if you're like me, then you have absolutely no functioning gaydar. Being closeted my whole life these things never seemed to serve a purpose, however I could desperately use one now.

    The situation is pretty simple. Ive recently moved away from home, like 8 hours from home to a new city by myself for school. I hoped to meet some guys within the 10 months that im here because i need not worry about judgement from friends and family until ive tested the waters a little. Turns out, there happens to be this incredibly good looking guy in my class....and that's no understatement. I mean smoking hot, in my opinion anyways. Tall, well dressed, nice smile, a nicely trimmed beard, skinny (which makes me feel less intimidated about my personal appearance) and by far the nicest green eyes ive ever seen on anyone anywhere. Anyways, he happens to be taking the exact same program at the same time as me. In fact, during the first day we had to introduce each other to the class. Its currently the 4th day of class and the 4th day that ive even been aware that he existed, and im in love (not actually, but you get my meaning) I cannot stop staring (discretely of course) and i dream of the day when we get to be partners on a project.

    I would seriously consider a relationship that could wind up destroying my personal and social life simply because of the feeling he gives me but unfortunately, there is no way for me to tell that he is gay, and im scared that maybe i will end up hitting on him and ruining a potential friendship i could have with him. The only way i can know is if he were to walk right up to me and say "Im gay." Im not the type to assume he is because i always hated when people would assume that about me in my younger years. My problem is that he seems like a decent guy, im sure ive caught him looking at me and i dont think he has a girlfriend. At the same time, he doesn't show much interest in me but honestly, i havent given him a reason to. Ive tried sitting next to him a couple times in class (cause he doesnt seem to be socializing with anyone else and even without a sexual relationship, i would still like to be friends cause he seems nice, plus im bored as fuck all the time and could use someone to hang out with) and although i know thats not going to get me anywhere, me getting all nervous and flustered before trying to talk to him will only be a set back.

    My question comes in two parts.
    1. How do you guys usually tell if someone is gay or not?
    2. Whether he is or isnt, how do you approach someone as a friend when you cant keep your composure around him? Do you avoid the situation completely or do you try spark up an awkward conversation? (I hate awkward situations btw)

    p.s. I know that this has probably been answered over 100 times, but i couldnt find nothing so go easy on me please.
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    Sep 09, 2011 1:26 AM GMT
    If he has sex with me, he is gay.
    If he doesn't have sex with me, well, he's still gay.

    haha. kidding.
    I usually tell mainly by: 1) voice 2) body movements 3) Watch them when a rather attractive girl walks by them (Big tits, or nice butt) and see if he glances or stares. Do the same thing when an attractive guy walks by him. 4) sometimes handwriting... But good handwriting doesn't necessarily mean gay. Im talking like big bubbly letters, etc... which still does't necessarily mean gay.

    Even if a guy does all the above though, doesn't mean he is out of the closet or will admit to being gay. Or, maybe he's really not gay. Those are just my guidelines. Have fun icon_biggrin.gif

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    Sep 09, 2011 1:40 AM GMT
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    Sep 09, 2011 2:19 AM GMT
    thanx for the advice. I guess i'll just have to pay closer attention to him........too bad eh? icon_wink.gif


    this made me lol