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    Sep 11, 2011 10:43 PM GMT
    I hit a rough patch in my life that started this massive weight gain streak... it SUCKED.. so I just recently started Weight Watchers, like 2 weeks ago... and I have lost around 8-9pounds so far... I freaking love it. I weighed in at 217.6 and I am down to 209.0

    I have searched these forums and have found a couple of posts talking about WW, but none are recent... well.. none have been updated...

    I am around 5'7", and I am stocky.. ughh.. lol.. I am a huge hit with the bears cause I got body/chest hair.. at 209 I feel great.. especially now that I have been eating right and within my points. But I want to get down to 175. My next weigh in goal is 206.1 and that will be on Sunday of next week... I am gonna try my hardest to make it...

    I have been incorporating the Men's Health "Hard Body Plan" workout to my daily routine.. but I skip a day or two and start all over... it is a scheduled work out regimen and I cant seem to stick with it... I do try and I do random lifting and presses... leg work outs.. but I never get around to doing it to the T... when I go to the gym I ALWAYS do cardio.. do interval running on the treadmill... I wanna meet my goal and I also want my clothes to keep getting bigger.

    Does anyone have any tips for me.. like.. what works best for you to lose weight? I am not wanting like some secret answer that will make me lose 30 pounds over night.. I just wanna know what I can do to keep up the good work and get the results I want... anything I should/could do at home?
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    Sep 12, 2011 1:52 AM GMT
    I'm in the same boat, or was. I started the summer at 215 and I'm down to 180. Trying desperately to reach 160 but have plateaued at 180 for the last 3 weeks. Just started the 12 week strength fundamentals program on here today. Wishing you and myself luck.
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    Sep 12, 2011 3:28 AM GMT
    When you do cardio, which machine do you use and do you set the resistance and incline to the point where you feel winded?

    If you aren't, you are denying yourself the full benefit of time spent on the machine.

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    Sep 12, 2011 4:35 AM GMT
    mayBbignow2 said
    _GOD_ saidContinue toward the horizon of your goal. Know that I am with you always.


    seriously just lol-ed at that
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    Oct 20, 2011 11:21 AM GMT
    Nice info, i think cardio exercise is good way for weight loss, i also do
    cardio exercise daily in early morning.
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