WHAT I DID THIS SUMMER - My campaign diary

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    Sep 12, 2011 1:07 AM GMT
    The meeting is tomorrow. The past two nights I have layed awake late into the night , my mind gooing from one scenario to the next.

    Saturday night I did my first event. I feel calm and filled with a sense of purpose. It feels good.

    I have a hard time with quick input, and sudden changes in routine. Mike picks me up and we go to the event. along the way we talk about who is likely to be ther. It is a CUSO event. They have been fasting and are now having a social. I muse on the way if any of these people were at the recent CUSO/VSO dinner i went to as guest speaker (in my capacity as AIDS-PEI chair). they would already know me - and I will have left a good impression.

    I happen to have had a blast that evening. My remarks went over well, and then acted as auctioneer.

    Mike steers me in. Indeed a number of people hsd been there, and this evening there are a lot of other Party faithful there.

    I recogn se them all from thefederal campaign. Mike uses their names frequently. the more the says a person;s name, the mlore important i know it is to remember it. He gives me time to study the face and associate the name. He continues the conversation, using their name again. I am relaxed and comfortable.

    I see a local reporter (off duty)

    i join him and his wife in the seats listening to the Island musicians rock the stage. The stage is painted for |A Christmas |Carol. TA painted store front on the upstage wall says Scrooge & Marley. The upper window of the building beside it has faint buit distinct outline of a Star Trek communicator filling the window. I lean over to Brian Higgins and point it out quietly. He laughs.
    He recognises me (but does not recall me name, of cours.) I introduce mysef, telling her her husband interviewed me first about the Stroke unit then when I became chair at the AIDS Service Organisation.. it all clicks in for him. He is enthusiastic about how i recovered from a stroke. He asks what I am dong now? I tell him. He takes it in slowly. After a moment he said "Oh so your running, good for you."

    who are you running against?"

    I tell him.

    He is suddenly a LOT more interested.

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    Sep 12, 2011 1:12 AM GMT
    Saturday night:

    well that went well. I go to bed. I should sleep well. I lie there as things pop into my head onto my mental screen.
    Next thought.
    cut paste
    reorder thoughts
    hold that thought
    remember that though for morning. I start thinking about my dad.

    My Mum is worried about me.

    Terribly worried.

    I ca n hear it in her voice.

    She disapproves of this.

    But how can i turn down such a once in a lifetime opportunity?

    I am not out to win this. Please stop worryig Mum

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    Sep 12, 2011 1:12 AM GMT
    Saturday night:

    well that went well. I go to bed. I should sleep well. I lie there as things pop into my head onto my mental screen.
    Next thought.
    cut paste
    reorder thoughts
    hold that thought
    remember that though for morning. I start thinking about my dad.

    My Mum is worried about me.

    Terribly worried.

    I ca n hear it in her voice.

    She disapproves of this.

    But how can i turn down such a once in a lifetime opportunity?

    I am not out to win this. Please stop worryig Mum

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    Sep 12, 2011 1:14 AM GMT
    a surprising number of people seem very receptive to me when I talk to the public. They are encouraging. Many tell me i should not be surprised if the menmory of Jack Layton drives people en masse to vote for NDP candidates. Thry like what i am saying.

    The thought gnaws at me.

    I am suiddenly very aware that the people who vote for me - and the people who are organizing for me not only want the good campaign, but they secretly hope I could acually win.

    I am pretty confident now i can handle this campaigning stuff. (It;s great having someone choreographing things around you) He really believes in me and I'm starting to feel uncertain.

    Iwell I can only be what i am and do what i do. I have to trist that is what Mike believes in.

    Saturday afternoon he read my drasft isues and said "this isn't the guy that got my pulse pounding and wanting to organise for you.

    He crosses out my notes about psatronsge being unfair.

    He orders me to talk.

    He takes notes as I do.

    we distill them to five points. he takes it away. on Sunday he sends me the final draft of my first household mailer. It is approved now by the official agent and can go to the printer tomorrow to be ready togo out stsarting Tuesday.

    The last time i see the clock it says 2:30 a.m.

    i am dreaming that i am looking for my copy of The Political Teachings of Jesus. " Dan comes in to wake me for our Sunday morning maraton of Corrie, but I have almost found the book. I say I need to sleepand roll over. i sleep and find the book.

    It is noon before I wake.

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    Sep 12, 2011 1:34 AM GMT
    So what if David slays goliath?

    I think about what an MLA has to do. It is pretty much the same thing I do on the board. Yeah, i can do thsat. My judgement is not impaired - just my ability to hsandle dynamic environments likee working in a hospital. yes i can do this. especially with the MLA's budget to have the right staff.

    OK. I can give it my all and not let down all these people who are putting a lot of hope in me.

    I go to sleep tinkink how useful all the little multivsaried experiences in my upbringing is miraculously coming togdether to be rather usefyl . it makes a rather nice whole.

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    Sep 12, 2011 1:41 AM GMT


    email confirmation James (the Party leader) will be at the meeting tonmorrow.

    I will be happy if we get 10-20 people (doing a count of people we have already got a good idea will show up.

    Mike and i have divided up the call list of members or former supporters in my district.. I finish my calls after dinner.

    I now start work on my Remarks for the meeting (my formal acceptance and first stump speech)

    I finish the draft. and relax. occassionally I gdet up and pace. The final lines comes to me. I write them down.

    I check my emails; facebook campaign page; my personal page.

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    Sep 12, 2011 1:44 AM GMT
    Saturday night I see my old U.S. Gov't teacher from High School i send a friend request i wonder what if he will remember me at all?

    If he does I wonder what he will think of this.

    As words pour out in a message to him i realise how much he affected me.
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    Sep 12, 2011 1:14 PM GMT
    I realised hoe disjointed these ramblings are.

    By way of explanation - I do intend to go back and flesh it out and clean it up as time permits. It will be like a scibbler for a while of my personal thoughts .

    I have so little time just to record my thoughts, I can do it only quickly i just before I go to bed - hence the millionsof typos caused by my two finger typing at high speed.

    Once this is over, I will do a lot of editing.

    I think this is the best way of me keeping my personl thoughts collected - then whenthis is all over I can write out properly based on these notes
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    Sep 12, 2011 1:16 PM GMT
    Monday nmorning.

    My meeting is tonight.

    I have a restless night again.

    kept seeing images of the old Davey & Goliath cartoon running in my head.

    (remember those?)

    eventually I get up and have a hot bubble bath. I go back to bed and fall asleep.

    I wake refreshed but I know I had better nap this afternoon from 2 - 00 - 5:00.

    we will go set up the hall at 6:00

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    Sep 12, 2011 3:18 PM GMT
    Monday afternoon.

    went to the store across the street to pick up oranges and sugar cubes for the meeting tonight.
    I ask a lady in the lobby if she knows about the Meeting of Renewal tonight at 7:30.

    She asks what it is in aid of. I tell her I am seeking the nomination to run for the NDP. she asks against whom? I tell her. She says you;ve got my vote!

    I repeather name over and over to myself. I hope I don;t forget it before I get home.

    ____ on____ street

    ____ on ____ street

    Oh heck. I've walked off with the shopping cart!

    Bring it back.

    ___ on ___ street.

    look both ways

    once home I grab my pocket recorder and quietly dictate _____ on ____ street and details. She says she will vote for me.

    So will _____ ...

    I can hear the woman's words ringing in my ears

    "about time someone took them down a peg or two."

    "You have my vote."

    I've only beeen here three years. I am a product of all sorts of provinces, and I belong truly to none. And lifelong Islanders people are telling me they want me to represent them.

    i cannot find the words that describe how it feels.

    II reflect that I haven;t snapped at Danny since this all began.

    being managed and having an assistant does wonders for my temperament.

    thingsthat would frankly drive me up the wall he insulates me from.

    -- apparently the government is making it difficult for people to file nomination papers.

    He is on top of it. I am not to worry.

    We go over my notes for my remarks. He is pleased. I have the afternoon to myself for a while.

    Dan has an appointmentm so I will have the house to myself.

    Time for me to relax.

    we will go set up the hall at 6:00.

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    Sep 12, 2011 3:26 PM GMT
    I realised last night why I am so content.

    Win or lose, I finally have a good ending now for my book. 10 years On: Life After Stroke. After this is over, I can go back to work on that. Finish it quickly and maybe a publisher will consider it interesting enough now - a young man's journey from debilitating stroke, how it affected his family and marriage- the divorce, then the Diagnosis of HIV and wanting to curl up and die. Yet still being selected to run for public office, becoming the first openly HIV positive politician ever to do so. (to my knowledge)

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    Sep 12, 2011 4:29 PM GMT
    Just saw the hall. The only available room is too big. It is enormous. icon_eek.gif
    we will close it off with lattice panels to cut it in half.

    we will go set it up at 5:45

    On the way home we talk. Occasionally I repeat a phrase into my pocket recorder. One is "the club of millionaires"

    They have their parties. We are the party of the rest.

    I want to use it tonight.

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    Sep 13, 2011 12:33 AM GMT
    The meeting.

    The hall looks cool.

    four tables set in a square with 16 chairs around it. Along the side is a orange draped spread of nibbles. local cheese; bread dips from a vendor at the local food market that i really like. A big bowl of oranges.

    There are sifficient members present; the leader is present. He signs my nomination form.

    the meeting is called to order. Mike chairs the meeting. He calls for nominations. Joe Byrne nominates me.

    The chairs calls three times for other nominations. No one speaks. He declares nominations closed.

    He asks "Do you accept the nomination to be the candidate for the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island in District 13?"


    It is 7:45 p.m.

    I am now The Candidate.

    Openly bisexual
    Openly HIV positive.

    I rise to make my first political speech as a candidate.

    My notes are on the table but I don't look at them. I know what I am about to say.

    My eyes betray my emotion as I reach the climax of my remarks. Heads are nodding.

    I know my eyes are starting to look a bit moist so I harden my voice so it resonates gratifyingly in the church hall.

    "Don't ever mistake my emotion for weakness." the stroke knocked out my editor - that says Dont show emotion, bit it did not impact my heart or my mind."

    Joe Byrne starts to clap - or was it James?

    They are both clapping. Hard.

    The leader, James, congratulates me warmly. he tells me he is pleased to have me on the team. I tell him it is an honour to be on his team. he has to leave, but before he goes I stop him.

    I tell the group assembled that to my knowledge no other openly poz person has run for public office. James breaks step.

    "Anywhere??" I tell him I know of none and I am sure I'd have heard of one.

    A voice shouts "That's great!!" "er.. I mean, it;s not not great for you bit --- uh..." he trails off. He looks uncomfortable. I know what he means and we all do. I help him out.

    I tell them not only have they affirmed my dignity; they have given me hope.

    II want to share that feeling of hope.

    And like that, it is done.

    we shake hands all around. People leave. Dan, CM, and I put away the tables and chairs. Joe takes me aside in the night to tell me I am going to a good candidate.

    It seems my campaign might be an "A" campaign - meaning one they are putting what limited resources the Party has into assisting.

    As they go , One woman tells me I will give a lot of people hope.

    A man tells me I'm a passionate speaker and very moving.

    Looking over, I see people around CM. He has his scheduler out; he is pencilling in when people can help.

    I have 11 polls to cover

    am the 11th candidate nominated. Nominations close this Friday.

    Repeated numbers (pairs and triplets) have followed me all my life.

    3500 people to try to meet. I have until October 3rd.

    CM is putting out a press release tomorrow confirming my candidacy.

    IMy first household letter comes from the printer tomorrow. CM tells me I have to sign them all by hand. Hello writer's cramp.

    Do all candidates sign their campaign letters by hand?

    Nope. the other parties use signing machines.

    I'd rather sign my own letters.

    Tomorrow we file my nomination papers with the Deputy Returning Officer.
    Then I hit the streets to collect signatures from residents of my district, endorsing my candidacy - though it does not mean they must Vote for me.

    We have to get 25 signatures of registered voters in my district before Friday, when I will be administered the Oath by an Elections official.

    Tomorrow night I will be ready for a mental break. Unrelated to the campaign, I will be at Legion singing with the choir.

    I decided to join last Spring. I missed the first rehearsal last week because of a board meeting. I asked if we could change the day so I could join the choir but the group schedule just would not allow it.

    I will have to miss the first rehearsal of every month. I hope they are okay with that.

    So tomorrow I go to my first rehearsal.

    Singing has always been a pleasure, and the Legion choir needs tenors.

    I am a dramatic tenor. As an associate member omy father's Legion branch , I can transfer my membership here.

    For an hour tomorrow night I won't have to think of this process, so I look forward to it.
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    Sep 13, 2011 1:55 AM GMT
    My First ¨Political Speech

    This campaign is about renewal. It is about hope. It is about dignity. But just what is the cost of the cost of dignity?

    Yesterday, when I was buying those oranges on that table there, I found myself 35 cents short. Without hesitation, a gentleman behind me, whose name, it turned out, was Albert, without a moment’s hesitation reached into his pocket. He might have had better use for that thirty five cents but right then it seemed a small price to pay to help a stranger keep his dignity.

    At that moment, my dignity apparently cost 35 cents.

    My father was military, a Major returning from Aldershot UK with three children of dual citizenship. I was born in Kingston something which I would never let my siblings forget, reminding them that I was Mum and dad’s only real Canadian child. Eight weeks later my parents were driving their small family with a carsick baby from Kingston (Ontario) to Oromocto (New Brunswick). We went where duty called him to go, we went. Whether Duty or random Fortune; as a child there was no difference. To me it was nothing but random. So I’m a bit Ontario, a bit New Brunswick, a bit Quebec, a bit continental Europe. I am of all of these places, shaped by the nations of My Scottish and Mohawk grandmothers, and my Ukrainian and French grandfathers. I liked to tease my siblings that I was the only Canadian child in the family. But, standing by my father when he took me took us to Vimy Ridge for the rededication ceremony of the memorial when I was 15. On that day I knew I could never call myself anything but a Canadian.

    11 years ago I got broadsided… [Stroke] … It took its toll on my family, and we amicably divorced. We got broadsided again. [HIV]

    So I am disabled, but I am not my disability, Let me keep me dignity, and I am a survivor, just a guy living with a chronic blood infection.

    So I came to set roots, in search of a new beginning. Here I found my Hope – my dignity. And like we always do when we discover something new and wonderful – I want to share it.

    We are tired of being told we cannot afford to provide the things we know we need. They told Tommy Douglas that too – he said “There has got to be a way” – he fought and never stopped fighting until we found a way and made it happen.

    The clubs of millionaires have their parties; Islanders need one that meets the needs of the clubs we all belong to. We need leaders who remember what it is:
    To always have a few more days than dollars until payday;
    To have to choose between food, pharmacy or fuel;
    To feel your best hope for a future lies in a lottery ticket.
    To know the desperation of dreading waking almost more than not.

    Without Hope we can have no dignity. Just how much does it cost to save someone’s dignity? After my stroke it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Had we only known that $60 a month in blood thinners could have prevented it?

    We are tired of being told we cannot afford to provide the things we know we need. They told Tommy Douglas that too – he said “There has got to be a way” – he fought and never stopped fighting until we found a way and made it happen.

    Yesterday my dignity cost 35 cents. Irony, like a good joke, is all in the timing.
    We can afford dignity when help comes in time.
    I want to bring Hope and renewal to the people of Charlottetown Brighton.
    The NDP offers a New beginning for all Islanders.

    Whatever the outcome, I pledge to continue sounding our call for an NDP Spring.

    If we don’t win this time, we will win in time.

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    Sep 13, 2011 2:32 AM GMT
    What audience was that speech for? (i.e. are they all party members or were there other members of the public present?)
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    Sep 13, 2011 2:33 AM GMT
    q1w2e3 saidWhat audience was that speech for?

    That was at my acceptance speech at the nomination meeting to the Party faithful.

    There were two people there who were not Party, but they might want to support us if they liked what they heard.

    A large part of the goal tonight was to demonstrate my speaking skills to the leader. How effective I am on the podium will greatly affect how he decides I can be of best use in this campaign.

    It can mean the Party throwing thousands of dollars into my campaign or just running a minimal campaign.

    Tomorrow they will consult and strategise.

    I am hoping I will be considered an "A" campaign.

    If I am, I will appear and speak at other campaigns to boost them whenever I can

    Making me an "A" candidate puts a lot more attention and resources into my campaign. It means the NDP sees me as a major candidate.

    It also means the Liberals will turn all their guns on me to defend their leader's seat.

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    Sep 13, 2011 3:00 AM GMT
    If I were to defeat him, he will still be Liberal leader, but will have lost his seat in the House, so he would have to step down and the Liberals would have to choose a new leader. In the interim, another Liberal who did win a seat would become interim leader and premier (I think) (and if the Liberals had the most seats).

    That would make me an opposition member to a Liberal or Conservative government.

    If we have the most seats, i would be in government, and could be considered for a seat in cabinet.

    The Premier can select his cabinet only from elected MLAs.

    In either Oppositon or government,I would be one of a caucus with either cabinet responsibilities or Critic responsibilities.

    The leader would allocate positions in the cabinet or shadow cabinet according to our respective abilities.

    So I could possibly find myself n a portfolio related to health or arts.


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    Sep 13, 2011 12:31 PM GMT

    I slept through the night for the first time in days, falling asleep fauirly quickly.

    Win or lose. I have the conclusion for my book. I feel quite content. I feel like I used to long ago.

    I think about what I CAN do now, after this election. I idly tick off the possible outcomes - I win; I lose - Libs form govt; Conservatives form govt.
    If a miracle hapens and we form govt. Come what may, can i do it?

    suddenly my futuree is not so safe.

    My disability pension is not in jeopardy as a candidate. It is a part time job.

    I lose my pension only if I earn more than 5,000 a year I think.

    It is only if I win that I would have got a job that would have put me back to work. I will no longer be considered Permanently Disabled. YES!! But eek!

    The only thing I am really able to do is this kind of thing. I can be a policy maker but not a wrker in a the typical demands of a dynamic workplace.

    But as a politician I would have a budget. I could have staff to help.

    I would have to worry about re-election, But I would not longer worry about bills again.

    I could afford even to get married.

    After this election, I will be free to travel the province and stump to attract members. and supporters while everyone goes back to their job.

    I could do it as long as I make less than $5,000 a year.

    I think Joe understands my dilemma.

    The Party would have to have a travel expense fund. As long as they can get me there - I'll talk to people and try to sign them up. . I have all the time in the world.


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    Sep 13, 2011 12:39 PM GMT
    9:35 a.m.

    The leader James just called. the is addressing the Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce at a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning.

    He wants the charlottetown candidates there (there are four or five of us nominated so far. he will be doing the speaking.

    But I'm going to be there.

    For readers - I feel dumb writing the Leader each time. He is James.
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    Sep 13, 2011 1:12 PM GMT
    note about reference in speech:

    Tommy Douglas was the founder of the CCF, which became the NDP. All Canadians recognise his name as the father of our universal healthcare system.

    Mentioning Tommy is essential. Mentioning Jack Layton right now is exploitative of his memory.

    To Canadians Tommy Douglas is as recognizable and revered a name as Thomas Jefferson is to Americans.

    Tommy Douglas' daughter Shirley Douglas was once married to Donald Sutherland, with whom she had a son, Keifer Sutherland.

    Keifer grew up in a house surrounded and influenced by the lively conversations of a sucession of visitors representing the greatest figures of the Canadian intellectual Left.
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    Sep 13, 2011 8:37 PM GMT

    We go to Value Village to buy a brown sports jacket. to dress up my tee shirt and cream pants combo for the Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

    I get another screaming orange tee short to supplement the one i have.

    The media needs a head shot.

    I have one but I have the goatee now, so with the new jacket, we take a few dozen pictures and pick one.

    I send it to Mike.

    I started making the round of the neighbourhood to get the requisite 25 signatures on my nomination forms from electors.

    It takes longer than I thought it might because people are eager to talk and be heard, and I do not leave until I have heard them out.

    As I leave each place I pull out my pocket recorder and dictate notes. Name. If they are a supporter. The circumstances of our conversation and what we talked about.

    They said "who cares what we think."

    " Well, right now, I'm here. I came to you. - you might as well insist I listen to what you need. "

    All they care about is getting a job.

    I tell him what the NDP stands for I give them the party sell to the heart and mind. I tell them in four years to think of me. "In 4 four years, you can vote and you are taking charge."

    "At one time if your name was Miller you had to be a miller.

    If the old rules were to hold true, I'd have to have been a clerk or priest - and who needs another gay priest? they laugh. a bit uncertainly. Not that straight priests ever touch the boys." I snort.That gets a genuine laugh from them.

    I repeat the message it is their right to talk and be heard and they just don't have to let anyone take that away.

    I tell them if I am elected it will become harder and harder to get to me, but it will still be their right be be heard wno matter who they vote for.

    I tell them "to tell whoever is trying to keep you from me that it is Mike and Andrew - the kids I spoke to in the alley". Tell them to tell me that. They will be allowed to get to me.

    As I walk away I make note of it on my recorder. The right to "cry Harold " is a long held one. I would honour it. This note will remind me.

    They started out bemused and at first but they are are quiet as I leave.

    A young native girl approaches me. She has found keys on the street and is going door to door trying to find their owner. A burgeoning community organizer I bet.

    She is 14. we talk. She likes the NDP message.

    I note her as a probable young member. This young lady will be good to ask to help deliver my leaflets in that neighbourhood.

    a car beeps.

    Mike has my campaign flyers and Dan has sent him out to bring me home to eat.

    We make a quick stop at a riding members' home for another signature.

    I only need five more.
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    Sep 14, 2011 12:54 AM GMT
    Tuesday night.

    for a change of pace I went to choir practice.

    What a really nice bunch. I have evey intention of staying with them. I really had fun.

    I do need a bit more fun in my life. (well some fun for a change)

    I left the choir rehearsal with a young lady - a former criminal lawyer now workng in Human Rights. we are having a really great talk.

    In rapid fire French.

    It feels so good to speak with someone french again!!!!!

    we are in wildly animated conversation when a car beeps.

    a lady from the choir calls out to me -- Trevor!

    i had forgotten eveything when i left. My music folder, my housekeys, my pocket recorder. I remembered my nomination clipboard. (!!!)

    the ladies in the car tell me to continue on home; one of the other choir members is going there with them.


    I'm already depending on CM to remember to collect my things!

    I recall not long after my father retired, him he took his first commercial (civilian) flight from Amsterdam to Mirabel thence to Ottawa.

    He arrived red faced and angry, without luggage.

    When he travelled before, he always had an aide de camp, who took care of such things. He had already forgotten that in the real world people don't have staff and assistants and he was expected now to go get his bag HIMSELF and load it into his car from the conveyor belt.

    It was a rude awakening that he had gone from Important to just Ordinary guy.

    Ive been a candidate one day and I'm already getting sloppy.

    Is That is how it happens?

    Your mind is elsewhere and you immediately start to lose touch with real life?

    it is a troubling thought.

    To be honest - I was not thinking at all. For the first time in days i was not thinking about anything at all but the moment.

    It was so nice walking home. The sky tonight was perfectly clear and the moon full.

    I've spent so much frustrated energy angrily seeking some sort of validation - that i was still worth something after my brain taking its shitkicking.

    I felt constantly judged and judged to be inadequate.

    So I was alays defensive.

    But since this nomination - i guess I've got that validaton that I am still worth at least what I was before.

    It was a terrible blow to be unable to work.. to be told there was nothing uisefyl they could find for me to do.

    Sure as a producer, apparently. but as a policy maker i still have the capacity - if i can get the job.

    Who cares?

    My first published piece (about stroke rehab) was titled by the editor "Closer To Fine," seizing on a phrase i used in the essay. " I left rehab not feeling fine, but perhaps a little closer to fine."

    Now I really feel fine.
    And I'm finally fine with fine.

    It was nice be allowed to walk home alone. in the quiet.

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    Sep 14, 2011 1:17 AM GMT
    Oh - yeah.

    I have 28 signatures. we are going to the Elections Office at 11:00 tomorrow.

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    Sep 14, 2011 9:46 AM GMT
    The alarm beeps insistently. I am up and out of bed. This is obscenely early for me. I would normally sleep to 8:30 or 9:00.

    I feel alert snd energised though. I slept really well.

    I switch on the electric stove just beside the bathroom door. Maritime mornings have a chill this soft Upper Canadian boy dont like when he gets outta the shower, glistening and wet. icon_cool.gificon_lol.gif

    I shave in the shower. by feel. I do this all the time. I started shortly after the stroke shaving in the shower, and i can do it with practised ease.

    I washed my campaign tee last night before I went to bed at 11:00; Dan stayed up to put it into the dryer.

    sometime in the night I head to the washroom. He is asleep on the couch in front of a movie. Inuit seal hunters are drumming on screen. I turn it off, and the lamp and go back to bed. I notice the time. 2:25 a.m.. A second later the alarm is beeping.

    It is still dark. Atlantic time is 1 hr ahead of EST

    As I dress I decide to call a cab to the hotel downtown for 7:20 for James address to the Chamber of Commerce breakfast . i was going to walk, but I suddenly think of the chatter when the cab company that Dan calls so often to this address finds out "hey that guy we go bring to bIngo all the time? his buddy running against Ghiz."

    That kind of grapevine gossip will go over the cb immediately . All the drivers will know by the time they start shift. That kind of publicity is worth the cost of a cab fare downtown!!! ( $7.)

    I must remember to get a receipt.


    brainwave in the shower. i have to make a quick wording change to my signage for approvasl by the Party Official Agent. I want "Elect/Élisez Leclerc (NDP) etc.

    Just the additoin of the french word for elect.

    Nuff said.

    Mum,. Dad - dammit you WERE right to put me into French Immersion.

    I wonder how many french speaking candidates there are?

    we haven't a large French population but it is there, and often neglected.

    The federal government moved the Dept of Veteran Afairs here back in the 80s. federal bilingualism incentives have made Public service workers "government bilingual*" like me. Based on last night; they are eager to hear and use it again.

    (* - we speak it very well; understand it well, but it is instantly apparent we are not as fluent. typically we speak it but read it much less. Probably never write in it.

    The practice is you write is our most fluent language. A translator will [prepare an "official" versin in the other language.

    Both versions must say the same things.

    ( when you have a government document in two languages your eye goes to the one you learned first and use most.

    I must force myself to read more in French. I will quickly improve my idiom.

    I am rated Very bilingual because being from the capital, i picked up a lot of idiomatic French, which will pepper the vocabulary of a francophone but not necessarily an angflophone who speaks "correctly" as we were taught in school.

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    Sep 14, 2011 5:15 PM GMT
    wednesday afternoon.

    I am allowed a nap after we file my papers and Mike drives me around the perimeter of my district. He tells me the demographics. this neighborhood is working class families. education and addictions messages
    that neighbourhood is seniors. road safety; health and , housing messages.

    this neighbourhood is more transient. these are the demographics.

    He briefs me on the strategy - workers flyer the street the day before I get there. I work the doorsteps. someone goes ahead of me and knocks, then moves on, while i join them. If some one is home they have answered by that time. I talk; my partner moves on - flyer, knock. I follow as soon as I am done.

    The goal is half a poll a day.

    Ièm in a marathon here so Mike tells me to get sleep whenever I can.

    I go nap.

    The phone rings.

    James would like me to participate in a debate tomorrow on education issues. He is sending me the background information to read.

    Mike will get me to James' nomination meeting for 8:00 p.m. in Winsloe.