Pondering - Two roads diverged...

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    Sep 12, 2011 4:50 PM GMT
    ...in a yellow wood
    and sorry I could not travel bo--

    No, I'm not here to quote Robert Frost on all your asses, but here's my schtick:

    I had my debt thread followed by my idea to jump into Personal Training. Well, I'm still mulling the thoughts over in my mind about what to do, except I've tossed in something else into the mix: Nutrition Certification. Basically, I'm leaning towards the Exercise Science and Nutrition degree that the ISSA offers as a distance learning/online course. Mind you I don't want to add another 12K onto my debt load, but I can 'possibly' lower that amount my transferring coursework from my uni over. Either way, I've recently started reading the big ass manual for NASM (and watching videos) that I found online and I've noticed that all of the certification programs out there all say the same thing, more or less.

    I think I may have found something I'd enjoy for a change, I just... can't put myself going through school for it all over again despite wanting to. I think that ship sailed, hit an iceberg and went down in a more violent fashion than the Titanic. I'd love to do it, but the nagging debt plus trying to iron out a schedule that works with my overnight shift is difficult. But, that's not the worst part. The bad thing is... the more I read (pirat--"sample" textbooks from the PirateLibrary, aaargh matey!) the more of a "Debbie Downer" I'm sorta becoming realizing that I'm... horribly out of shape and 'highly' sedentary. Then again, I may not be all that sedentary because of my overnight job (basically breaking down ~800 piece loads of varying weight in a lift, turn, twist, reach, repeat fashion) so that may make up for stuff... but other than that I'm here on my computer in my down time from the gym and what not. Perhaps it's all in my head given my body dysmorphic disorder type of thing I've got going on.

    But! The point is, I like helping people and I wouldn't mind doing this. But, this is the thing... I don't know whether to do the Personal Training certification first or the nutrition one first. I figure with the nutrition one I could possibly segue into something more lucrative job-wise on the side, but that's debatable. I'm not sure I'd wanna PT at my current gym though since the outside company they use is somewhat shady... :/

    So... a poll: PT or Nutrition?
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    Sep 12, 2011 5:42 PM GMT
    Look at the job market. What will serve you better? If you want to go the route of personal trainer, you can find better work as a physical therapist. The job market demand is huge with good enough pay and not a lot of school. You don't even need a bachelor's.

    Nutrition would be good too. Demand for them is pretty high too. But you need to be very well educated as in have a Master's to be competitive.

    Since you have some work already done, where would you be done fastest and least amount of debt?