"The world is my ashtray!"

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    Sep 12, 2011 11:50 PM GMT
    I am NOT fond of smokers or smoking.....but today just about tears it!
    Smokers piss me off to begin with.....and to see a smoker blow smoke in some ones' face or to watch them toss cigarette butts on the ground is just disgusting and insulting under the best of circumstances.
    Today, about 2 hours ago, as I was driving home with the sunroof open, the guy ahead of me tossed his still lit butt out his car window and it landed in my lap, burning a hole in my pants and burning my leg! I stopped fast and jumped out to get it off of me and give first aid to the burn. I called the police to complain and they told me they were unable to do anything about it....so maybe I should drive with my windows up and the AC on instead!......I am so pissed!
    Inconsiderate and stupid to toss a lit piece of trash out in public! Health hazard, fire hazard, pollution, etc .....god this PISSES me off and burned my inner thigh, about an inch below and under my right nut....and burned a hole in my pants! FUCK! Why do I need to protect myself against the stupid and inconsiderate slobs of the world that are pigs that toss their trash and shit out a car window? icon_evil.gif

    EDIT!....In cars they have this new feature called an ASHTRAY.... dump your shit when you get to a trash can or home.....
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    Sep 12, 2011 11:59 PM GMT

    I indirectly yell at smokers who are being douchebags and smoking in the wrong place, etc.
    "GEE WOW I WISH I WERE COOL ENOUGH TO SMOKE IN FRONT OF THE DOORS" is something I often yell when I walk through the doors to the building where my classes are.
  • mizu5

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    Sep 13, 2011 12:09 AM GMT
    To be honest there aren't enough place to toss butts anyway, on te street. You situation is just shitty luck.
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    Sep 13, 2011 1:06 AM GMT
    first of all, chill the fuck out.

    the fact that u called the police pisses me off. You're such a typical whiney girl, im sorry. but u are.

    whine, whine whine, ewwww, look at me, i had a cigg tossed on me, waaa, waaa boo hoo, i called the police so they can come rescue me..

    dude, the police have bigger fish to fry than ur ciggarette incident. u wasted tax payer dollars on ur unfortunate luck.

    what did u expect the cops to do? start a highsped chase to track this criminal down? it was just an accident.

    and no i dont smoke