Ok so I just had this all typed out in a concise, flowing manner till the site crashed on me :l. Cant promise itll be that way again but here goes...

Well spending so much time in the gym I get a good opportunity to people watch inbetween my sets. Today was one of those interesting times where you can draw a parallel between what two groups of people do and how it might effect the outcome.

For instance: I usually see a group of bodybuilders at the same time each time Im in, glancing over I took in some of what they were doing. Their workouts seemed comprimised of primarily compound movements, Reverse/normal pulldowns, bent over close grip rows, seated rows.. I didnt catch much beyond that but I dont think I saw any isolation exercises aside from bent over one handed barbells rows. Didnt seem out the regular.. compounds were done with 10 or so reps, moderate weight but the one isolated move I saw was around the same as the compounds... Could be volume on compounds and power on isolated movements.. Not sure what the end result would be..

Then I had the time to watch another guy.. Seemed as he was focusing primarily on biceps w/ cambered preacher curls, seated Hammerstrength biceps and pulls ups... not sure what else he was doing before I got there... However He was incorporating abs inbetween each set. Is this just to cut down on time since the muscle groups arent really related to what I saw him doing? It didnt get weird until he started incorporating leg extensions into the routine... Now unless someone was doing a circuit, I dont really see many people jump from biceps down to legs... especially if it's not a compound move. Now this guy was a bit more lean but was still packing mass in comparison.

Ive been racking my brain lately trying to think of a routine to transition to when I begin to adapt to my current which is basically 2 power days followed by 3 split/volume days. Im not sure if i should start including pyramids, supersets. failure, or back to back compound exercises to build the mass I want. I dont want to overtrain, and Im not even sure if its possible to hit that overtrain mark spending less than 2 hours in the gym with no cardio (if equipment is free I usually spend 45-75 min). Its just interesting observing other guys who are in great shape, to see how they may have gotten there. Only problem is after watching, without the clarification, there are no means to justify the end. I'm sure there are limitless possibilities to get to that point, so if anyone has that info it would be much appreciated.

Basically some viable strategies that may be outside the norm of reps vs sets, or something thats taxing to the body... as I imagine back to back compound exercises would be... like lat pulls into bent over rows to pull ups or all 3 benchpress variations for chest...

May as well haev analysis paralysis at this point icon_rolleyes.gif .. I mean are there a few cardinal rules encompassing body building that can be applied to the foundation of every new routine?

I will say that even though I hit the workout hard and my muscles will be screaming during the movements I dont always feel too exhausted later that night and dont always have pain the next day.

My workout is here http://www.simplyshredded.com/mega-feature-layne-norton-training-series-full-powerhypertrophy-routine-updated-2011.html .