More and more shows are wasting our time with segments before the commercials saying "COMING UP:..." and spoiling the rest of the show.

I don't need to know what's coming up! I'm going to see it in like 4 minutes! Why waste my time doing that?? There is already a big interruption because of commercials, and they make it worse my injecting more filler before I get to continue watching the actual show.

Instead I could get an extra couple of minutes of the good stuff on every episode. No one's life is enriched by COMING UP.

PREVIOUSLY ONs are kind of bad, but can help some people remember what happened last week. But the way I see it, if you missed last week's show, that's your loss, millions of people shouldn't lose time because of the ones that missed the episode. PREVIOUSLY ON is a terrible problem on American Idol like shows (which I can't stand anymore) because they repeat tons of shit already seen.

No respect for our time. No integrity in storytelling.