TRUE BLOOD season 4 review! What did you think?

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    Sep 18, 2011 1:18 AM GMT
    Hmmmm, whilst I haven't read the original books, they sound like they'd both be an improvement and not so much of an improvement in the series. The one thing that shits me when people say "They didn't follow the book/s" is that... dude, you've already read it. You want that story, go read it again. they have to keep it the same concept, but different storyline so people will actually want. And they always pretty much give %100 okay with the author of the books anyways just to make sure they arn't displeased.

    ANYWAYS! My thoughts on season 4. WOW! Rape much? I think I counted 5 straight episodes with continued rape scenes in them... And after season 3's also overbearing rape scenes, it's too much. it's like they're using the last form of raw emotion to get in touch the viewer and in Jasons mind, he blamed himself for what happened, which I believe is a TERRIBLE message, but that's just me. On that subject, the forgotten storylines... The fairies, came and gone. However they did it in 5 minutes what the author of the books took like 10 books to do or some shit lol. Fairyworld was closed, thus leaving it so it couldn't be entered again by vampires like Bill, but I really didn't understand the "Harvesting humans" bit. However, then a fairy appears from fairyworld? After it was closed? More will come surely, but yes... I don't like how they do snippets of the fairy storyline each season thus to the climax which will surely be based on the fairies in the final season which is supposedly season 5. Just get it done already. Now Tara! I fucking loved Tara, in the first 3 seasons, she's all I could think of about myself. The alcoholic mother, the bad shit that keeps happening to her. The best character I've ever seen on TV in my life, however. In season 4... She becomes no more than an extra? AFTER EVERYTHING SHE'S BEEN THROUGH! I was so angry, not only that... But they make her a Willow, like her character was copied straight out of Buffy. Becomes a lesbian and discovers magic. Ummmm. Black Willow! I hated it. I hated her!

    Eric and Bill, I hate them both. Although memory loss Eric was amazing... However, he is now gone. And they were too predictable. Sookie's in trouble. We'll kill ourselves for her... Again, and again. and again. However, I like how they team up at the end which will surely continue on into the next season. What else? Lafayette. Hmmm, I disliked this season most due to the rush it felt like it was in... Lafayette discovers powers out of nowhere, and now he's he's some almighty medium thing, and his boyf is some descendant of some magical shit which is known as Brujo. I think if they took time... Went over Brujo, had more of a pursuit of Marnie going after it. It would of been grand. But Marnies storyline was so rushed! And again! Forgotten story lines, there was such a hype to the "Walk into the sun" Then bam, 1 vampires dies... and yeah. I hated it... It was too much hype for nothing, like Jason becoming a were-panther. which didn't, And should have.

    Also, I get it. a 400 year old spirit enters your body and wants to kill all vampires. But didn't make it seem like Marnie was innocent, THEY JUST MADE IT THAT WAY! Even when Bill glamored her. That was her talking. Then she just becomes evil... and this spirit was good all along... then somehow Marnie has the power out of nowhere to bind herself...? Ummm. she needed Antonia because she was weak! WTF? Also, the second last episode... Lafa doing the brujo thing with the boyf in the backroom... And Marnie does nothing? Plus the bad acting? Plus Sookie knowing her to pretty much use her powers now... But not doing so? Ughhh. I loved this season... But all these things just let me down. That's all. Sorry for spelling mistakes, I'll write the good things after lol.
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    Sep 19, 2011 2:27 AM GMT
    I love the books which I started reading last year. But they are all about Sookie, while the TV series is also about many other characters. Some of their stories I like, some I don't. And I don't care at all that they change stuff for the TV series. Having read the books I also still really like Sookie on TV while everyone else seems to hate her and her love-life. But turning Eric and Bill into 2 suckers-for-Sookie was also vomit-inducing. So Pam's freak-out about Sookie and her fairy-cooch at the end was really great, even though I love their friendship in the books.

    I really like Sam in the books, but his story this season was lame and only interested me when the actor got naked. Jason on TV however is way more interesting than in the books (and not just because of Ryan Kwanten) and I like Jessica a lot too. I don't care about Tara, she was such a great character in season 1 with sass, love and power, but since then she's constantly pissed off and whiny. Unfortunately they are turning Lafayette into Tara #2, always a victim, only reacting to things and being negative about stuff. Now he's as far as Tara after season 2, so next year he'll probably have an abusive vampire/werewolf/fairy lover and he will be going straight in 2013. yawn. Terry and Arlene are great comic relief and I enjoyed their story this season, but Andy's story was also pointless and boring.

    This season was more consistent than #3, which fell of a cliff after Eric killed Russell's lover and Russell killed the news-anchor (my favorite TB moment ever). I really enjoyed someone being able to mess with the vamps for once and them being vulnerable all of a sudden, I like it when bullies get a dose of their own meds. But why build up Mantonia's justified hatred of vampires only to have her go crazy at the end and being the bad guy(girl) that gets killed off? That was pretty lame. Why build up Nan all season long and give her fabulously evil lines only to kill her off at the end? Why keep Debbie Pelt around just to let her exit like in the books? I was really hoping they had plans with the character and her and Sookie really becoming friends after killing off Claudine so soon (No loss).

    So, next year they are doing fairies and what's coming after that? Zombies? They don't exist in the books (yet).
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    Sep 19, 2011 6:46 AM GMT
    Did mediums or spirits appear in the books? I wouldn't be surprised if they did zombies... Except... There isn't much to work with unfortunately. I hope Tara doesn't die, and they bring her back and manage to salvage what was left of her character from season 1. Also, they need to drop the 500 different storylines... And pace their episodes better... Ughhh. I love it just as much as I hate it!
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    Sep 19, 2011 12:01 PM GMT
    Kristoff saidDid mediums or spirits appear in the books? I wouldn't be surprised if they did zombies...
    Good point, I don't remember mediums or spirits from the book.
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    Sep 19, 2011 12:09 PM GMT
    Ya know....this may not be reality.

    It's entertainment!
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    Sep 19, 2011 1:03 PM GMT
    I didn't think Marnie was a good villain this season, the actress who played her was awesome but I much preferred Russell last season, glad to see he has made his escape and will be back for season 5 !
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    Sep 19, 2011 9:37 PM GMT
    I really enjoyed the show in the first and second seasons but these last two years have been a let down. I'm no longer a fan of the show.
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    Sep 19, 2011 9:38 PM GMT
    I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition.
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    Sep 20, 2011 12:16 AM GMT
    I dunno .. this season kinda left me flat
    There were alot of things that went no where
    The Suki - Fairy line
    The Jason Mugwump Panther thing ......

    Seems like the writers were looking for something they couldn't find