I'm a 16 year old guy and a closet bisexual... I have a major crush on this guy in my school. Last year I caught him staring at me a few times (he's a football player and he always sat the bench... lol anyway, he would usually stare at me when he was on the sidelines and in the halls at school) I told one of my friends I thought he was cute and she told him. He IM'd me on facebook and asked me and I denied everything. He basically told me to stay away from him... When second semester came, we learned that we had 2 classes together. We got sat by each other in each class... In each class a few other people and I noticed that he was staring at me. And whenever I would look at him, he would quickly look away. He usually acts hyper and stuff, but when I get around he acts more awkward and quiet. He avoids all eye contact with me too. Whenever I made the people around us in class laugh, he would always look down at his desk or feet and laugh too (he was trying to hide his laughter). He did that quite a bit. He's come up to me a few times and tried talking(I accidentally ignored him.. I didn't know he was talking to me once and I didn't hear him the other time) but then I tried talking to him in the halls and he acted annoyed the whole time. It's summer now and he came into my work one(a pizza place.) I have never seen him there before and he came after I posted on my facebook where I worked (could just be a coincidence though). He wouldn't even look at me the whole time he was there... I recently asked him on facebook if he still hated me and he said he didn't hate me, but he still doesn't like me that much.
Plus, he always calls stuff "gay" and stuff like that(which i did when i was i was younger too. i usually did it to make myself sound more straight so that people wouldn't suspect anything) Some of the stuff he does actually reminds me of stuff i did when i was younger and denying my sexuality. I'm really confused and I just want to know what you guys think. i've asked a few of my friends that are girls(one of the girls has even saw him staring at me too and actually asked me about it.) and they said that they think he likes me too... but i'm still unsure.. it's confusing. i forgot to mention that we did talk to each other in class one day. we were in class before everyone else(the bell had just rang) and there were a few other people there. we got to talking and i made him laugh and he laughed like he would regularly.. he didn't try and hide it at all.. but whenever other people get around, he tries to hide it.. also, he made me laugh one day during class and when he saw that i was laughing he looked over and smiled at me. This school year just started and I've already caught him looking at me a few times..
Also, a little bit more about him. He is religious(christian). he's not like crazy religious, but he does go to church and whatnot(he doesn't really act like a christian though) That might offer a little bit more insight.
New Details:
We had class elections wednesday and I ran for president and won. And apparently, he voted for me. Also, today in one of our classes, we were trying to pick colors for some type of thing and he kept trying to get me to vote with him. He also listens pretty closely to what I'm saying when i'm talking to other people around him. Like, he'll focus all of his attention on me. Also, in one of our classes, i overheard a conversation he was having with someone and I decided to reply. When i looked back to reply(he sits behind) he wasn't smiling and he was kind of slouched in his chair. As soon as I replied and he heard me, he immediately fixed his posture and he got the biggest smile on his face.. His whole face pretty much lit up... Nothing much more to add. But if anything else happens, i'll post it..
Sorry for how long this is.