Looking at these facts, in my opinion Obama is wrong to push to raise taxes on the rich

#1: why punish the rich? Isn't that we all inspire to become one day? Penalizing the rich gives people no incentive to try to succeed

#2: The rich pay 29% of their income income to federal taxes. Other Americans only pay from 6% to 15%. So the rich are already paying more than double than everyone else

#3: There are 49% of Americans who do not pay ANY federal income taxes. That is nor fair !! Would it not make more sense to go after these people and make them pay their fair share?

#4: The top 1 percent of income earners (the rich) pay 40% of all federal income taxes while the bottom 50 percent paid only 3 percent. That is crazy!

#5: The rich make only 5% of the population. Fact is taxing the rich is not going to make a big difference in bringing in revenue

#6: The rich make the economy go. They are the ones who invest in small businsses, create jobs, and donate to those who are in need. Lets face it...the poor and middle class can not afford to invest in start up companies or donate significant amount of money to those who need it most

So where am I going wrong?