Met a guy at a political rally....

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    Sep 21, 2011 7:26 AM GMT
    So last Saturday, I met this really great guy. We were both on this march together (which was to force our stupid government, not to table a bill that would in effect put journalists and whistle blowers in jail).

    I think what clinched it was the whistle I had round my neck, which I'd kept from the Gaydar Relaunch Party that was in Cape Town a while back, and it kind of got the ball rolling and so were marched together, all the while chatting and having a great time.

    Once we'd reached the parliament buildings, we kind of split up - partly because one of the organizers came up to me and asked me to hand out water sachets to the crowds, so I did. My guy, in the mean time, sent me a text message/SMS to say he was going home; which I thought was thoughtful.

    Later that day, we starting texting/SMS'ing each other. And then I added him on Facebook.

    Anyway, last Sunday we went for lunch. That was really really nice. We chatted and chatted and enjoyed each others company. Good food, good wine and a lovely log fire burning; it was in a way kind of romantic now that I think about it.

    He brought me home and we parted.

    Were now in daily contact, which is awesome and we have plans to meet up again this coming w/end. I'm really excited. I really like him and think he likes me.

    Views, comments, feedback or advice - I don't want to mess this up.

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  • Ezrider107

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    Sep 23, 2011 8:08 AM GMT
    It seems like you made a new friend, so congrats! When something is new (a country, a friend, a job, a lover, etc) it's always fresh and exciting. And that is a good thing.
    As far as romance goes... just relax. first emotions can get in the way of seeing things too clearly like a roller-coaster ride. so far it's too early to tell where it may go, so don't worry, enjoy it and just take your time to figure it out for yourself. Whatever you are doing now seems to be working for you so make those seconds count.