Real Jock workout plans

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    Sep 21, 2011 10:25 PM GMT
    OK, so I'm thinking of doing one of the Real Jock workout plans - maybe the 12 week muscle building one. I am assuming though, that I will have to also increase my calorie intake?

    I tend not to eat enough, I'm sure and I get way too skinny.

    Any thoughts?

    Is there a better plan to start with?

    Eating advice?
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    Sep 22, 2011 1:57 AM GMT
    Well here is my history with the Muscle Building 12 week program. I don't know your gym history but I'm not exactly a novice in there. I may look it but I'm not. If you are not used to working out then the strength foundation might be good. I can't stand it because it has you go in every other day.

    My doctor had told me to stay away from the gym due to an illness which made me drop to 125lbs at 6'. Yes, rail thin. Once I started medication it was like I could not stop eating. I didn't just eat I started cooking every one of my own meals which I had wanted to do when I had roommates but couldn't. Now that I had my own place I could. So eventually he lifted the ban on my workouts but told me to take it slow. I can't remember how much I weighed then but it couldn't have been more than 140.

    I found this site around that time and yeah I tried to take it slow for about two workouts. I got impatient since I knew I wanted to start the program. There really was no stopping me. Somewhere around the last 6 weeks I had lunch with my parent who hadn't seen me in a while. They couldn't believe how big I had gotten. My dad told me I looked like a bodybuilder which I didn't but whatever. I appreciated it anyway. I think about that time I was about 160lbs.

    It is a grueling program that WILL kick your ass. So you have to be prepared for it. You have to be able to tell yourself some days that you have had enough and just not finish if need be. If you can then great! If not don't beat yourself over it. You will get tired of all of the variations of push ups. Sometimes you have to be inventive on how to do an exercise if your gym is not equipped for it. Expect to be in there for over an hour.

    I've lost some gains I had due to my physical exhausting work but I've been getting fired up to do it again. Right now I'm sitting at 150.

    Even now I still cook about 99% of my meals. If I don't cook I don't eat. Food lasts for about 3 days before it tends to go bad so I prepare meals that will last over that time so I'm not in the kitchen every day. People at my work have told me that my cooler looks like a piece of luggage and can't believe how much stuff I put in there.

    One thing I did do is have a protein shake with every lunch and dinner. Here it is:

    16 oz of whole milk
    2 scoops vanilla whey protein
    2 bananas
    2 tbsp. of natural peanut butter
    10 grams of glutamine powder
    10 grams of creatine
    2 tbsp. of honey
    2 scoops of low fat ice cream
    4 ice cubes

    Put that in a blender. If it is too much to drink in one sitting split it up into two servings (which is what I did).

    Good luck!
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    Sep 22, 2011 2:04 AM GMT
    Hey, Project.

    Thanks for the detailed response. I really appreciate it man!
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    Sep 22, 2011 2:10 AM GMT
    No problem. Glad I could help out.