Helping to assassinate U.N. mediator Folke Bernadotte 63 years ago did not prevent a Zionist terrorist from later being appointed director general of the Office of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. After all, the terrorist had spent a few days in jail for the crime before he was pardoned "in honor of the declaration of the state," along with all of the other Zionist terrorists who had been convicted of terrorism. After all, Begin was a terrorist, too.

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    Sep 22, 2011 11:30 AM GMT
    On September 17, 1948, Folke Bernadotte, the Swedish count dispatched by the UN to mediate between Israel and the Arab states was traveling in Jerusalem when members of the Lehi (Stern Gang ), a pre-state underground militia, ambushed and assassinated him.

    In early 1949, Lehi members Natan Yellin-Mor and Matityahu Shmuelevitz were sentenced to eight and five years in jail for their involvement in Bernadotte's assassination, but a few days later they were released as part of a general pardon granted in honor of the declaration of the state.

    Shmuelevitz returned to politics after Menachem Begin appointed him director general of the Prime Minister's Office during his term.

    As part of the peace agreement with Egypt, Shmuelevitz was the person in charge of overseeing the agreement on compensation for Sinai evacuees.

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    Sep 22, 2011 4:24 PM GMT
    Pouncer saidWell, with c4 creating a thread (apparently celebratory) about Obama's intentions to veto a Palestinian state tomorrow at the UN, I see nothing wrong with drawing attention to a relevant anniversary - ie. that of the assassination by Israel's terror gangs of the UN's own peace mediator (by any standard a truly heroic man) just a year following the UN's gifting to the Yishuv 56% of Palestine.

    But there is yet worse to be revealed about Begin - including an appeal penned directly to Adolf Hitler himself by the Zionist group of which Begin was a part, expressing sympathy with the Fuhrer's intolerance of Jews living in Germany and proposing a joint venture for a "Hebrew" state in Palestine.

    The more I read, the more obvious it has become that those ZIONIST EXTREMISTS that LIL'AIPAC so praises would stoop to any depths in their quest for their ZIONIST dreams. It didn't matter and still doesn't matter to them how they tromp on others rights, whatever it takes is what they'll do to reach their goals. Whats that quote of the Mossad "By deceit we shall wage war" ? They are experts at false flag operations where they pull some atrocity then blaime the victims by their very effective propaganda campaigns of which AIPAC is their primary vehicle in the US.


    The Middle East would be a much more peaceful place if this bunch of thugs would just accept what they have and stop blocking Palestinians from getting their just homeland/state, but no, they want it all.