I have big plans for my B-Day, but I feel a bit weird organising it all. It's almost like I am organising a party for someone else. Normally I have friends/family do it for me, but the last time that happened was a few years ago. I tried celebrating my B-day with the new friends I made in new towns, but I never got to do it. I don't know many of the people I am inviting now, it's just colleagues, I don't have any friends here yet, but still it feels like something I need to do.

So, I am thinking loads of food, live music, nice people, games and two lovely waiters who can ensure everything is taken care of, so I won't be stressing. But I am stressed now already? Should I otherwise just have a typical young people B-day, asking everyone to bring their own food and drinks? I don't know...What if no one comes?