You're doing laundry or dishes or cooking, or driving out to the lake or biking through the park listening to your iPod, and a song comes on that you may have heard dozens and dozens of times before, and yet suddenly you feel bubbling up from within you an irresistable panoramic joyful love for the the ever-renewable warmth of human affection, and before you know it you're singing along and grinning like an idiot and you just know that someday it will all be true for you and for your friends and for everyone on this big beautiful blue ball called Earth.

This is the one that grabbed me today. I never get tired of hearing it, and sometimes the pure sublime power of the little story it tells just overwhelms me:

These guys put on a great live show, and the songs are fun, but then if you stop and think about the lyrics you LOL at the pretty risque subject matter all over their albums.

LOL, ignore the lame visuals and just enjoy this great driving-around-on-a-sunny-afternoon-knowing-you'll-see-him-tonight song:

This one kinda breaks my heart, it's almost too pretty to listen to, but the simple folkiness of it is so quietly romantic. I always want to spoon on the couch after hearing it.

What are some of yours?