• Seth1230

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    Sep 25, 2011 3:44 AM GMT
    I'm not obese or overweight, however, I do have those pieces of chub (love handles) on me to where I still consider myself fat. If I'd like to bulk up, should I focus on losing weight before trying to gain the muscle or should I go straight into the machines/lifting and get muscle mass right away? Thanks in advance!
  • Musicman91

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    Sep 25, 2011 6:53 AM GMT
    Hi there. I have the same problem you do lol. I have been working out for a month or so now and I have lost 12 pounds so far. My goal weight is 165 so I have a bit more to go. Just do cardio workouts alot like running, walking ect. Be active take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride a bike instead of a car. Also cut out sweets, white bread and all that jazz. Eat whole grain bread and cereals. Carrots and peanut butter, lowfat yogurt are all great as well. And of course drink lots of water and try not to eat past 7. Also lift weights there are lots of great workout plans on here. Hope I helped! Good luck icon_biggrin.gif
  • Lincsbear

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    Sep 25, 2011 1:32 PM GMT
    I`d recommend you begin some cardio to burn off the fat and get you looking more toned at least.This will also strengthen your heart/lungs,etc.
    Then fairly soon begin weight training to build real muscle.Eat about 1.5g/kg. body weight of good quality,lean protein.
    In all these exercises go gently to start with and do more as you get fitter and stronger.
    Drink plenty of water and take 'rest' days.
    Be patient and you`ll begin to see changes.That`s when it all gets easier!
    All the best,
  • HndsmKansan

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    Sep 25, 2011 1:43 PM GMT
    My immediate reaction was to deal with the issue. Even if you bulk up, you will still have the love handle problem and that seems to be a problem for you. Talk to a trainer, modify your diet and increase your cardio, especially to target those areas. Everybody is a little different, so better to have a qualified trainer make an assessment and you can talk in detail about goals and together come up with a plan to meet them.

    Good luck with it!
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    Sep 25, 2011 1:49 PM GMT
    Muscles are like little furnaces that burn calories 24/7.
  • Seth1230

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    Sep 25, 2011 3:58 PM GMT
    Thanks for all the responses guys, much appreciated. With the whole College Freshman deal, I'm basically living on Microwavable noodles and EZmac, Going to look into getting a meal plan.