Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) Signs on to Respect for Marriage Act

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    Sep 25, 2011 6:48 AM GMT
    This is good news and progress

    Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen said, “I’m pleased to join the Log Cabin Republicans in our fight for marriage equality. I co-sponsored the repeal of DOMA because I firmly believe that equality is enshrined in our constitution and in our great democracy.”

    See the link below:
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    Sep 25, 2011 3:35 PM GMT
    southbeach1500 saidThat's my Congresswoman.icon_razz.gif

    Perhaps you should talk her out of being a shill for AIPAC !! LOL !! my god, that woman is dangerous, she also authored a bill to cut off the $500,000 billion aid to Palestine, but of course is fine with sending $2.5 billion to Israel which is used in part for such things as Operation Cast Lead, Settlements on Occupied Territory and lots of checkpoints and walls to frustrate Peace with. Even the Zionist Settlement Fanatic, Netenyahu has expressed disdain for her legislation to cut off Palestine over Its bid for Palestinian Statehood.

    Just imagine if this woman is successful along with all the far right religious frutcakes that think the West Bank belongs to Israel because of some bible story, where they believe theft of land is OK because God says so, so according to her we should take the money from Palestinians and support peace by standing with Israel. What a twist on justice that is !! If this takes place then their money may come form Iran for instance, they'd be happy to fill the void Israel leaves because they would rather Isolate themselves to have more land than seek peace.

    Be carefull who we hold hands with. Sorry this brings up Israel again, but them damn AIPAC shills are everywhere in our government actively promoting Israels interests over US Interests and totally fucking up our legitimacy in the Middle East. So I guess the best way to expose it is to bring it up when the AIPAC scorge rears its ugly head.
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    Sep 25, 2011 4:51 PM GMT
    jprichva said
    realifedad said
    southbeach1500 saidThat's my Congresswoman.icon_razz.gif

    Perhaps you should talk her out of being a shill for AIPAC !!

    Whether you like it or not, AIPAC is a legitimate lobbying group. Every foreign country has a lobbying group in Washington, but the only one I ever hear you condemn is AIPAC. And you wonder why you keep getting accused of anti-Semitism.

    Can you tell me which foreign lobby group spends more time and money influencing the US congressmen toward their own interests as apposed to American interests than AIPAC,?

    Do you suppose that rather than sending Ross a known affiliated AIPAC shill to promote our supposed unbiased interests toward Palestinian Statehood, that maybe AIPAC and Israels interests perhaps should not be at the forfront of our Foreign Policy through his leading position in Negotiations? Is there any other Government's interests represented like that of Israels through AIPAC in our foreign relations epartments?

    How about some lobby of an Islamic country? do any exist? Why not ? , are any of these going with Obama in any similar positions to Ross's? Lets imagine for a minute that we had Islamic born, but american riased, or dual Islamic citizenship foreign policy experts go with us to negotiation Israel's cooperatioin in stopping the Settlements on Occupied Palestinian Territory, can you imagine not hearing from AIPAC reps in the halls of congress and from the AIPAC shills in the media, or at colleges, can you imagine the loud outcry coming from republican congressmen ? LOL !! do you get my point?

    Do you think with the likes of Ross and Litennen scattered throughout our government that we can be seen as a legitimate, good faith partner for Middle Eastern Peace with Palestinians? Yesiree !! bring an AIPAC shill to make demands on Palestinians, but when this Shill Ross, goes to talk with Netanyahu, how much time do you suppose this onesided shill for AIPAC spent on trying to convince him that he must stop the settlement building on Occupied Palestinian land ?

    How much time do you think Litennin spends trying to stop the settlements which are against the law ? LOL Whose interests do these two serve, Israels or the US ? I'd say they believe the old bible story that all the west bank belongs to Israel so International law and whats good for the US be damned. Build those settlements !! What do you think? will they stand for fairness coming from the US State Dept. in our foreign relations, or go with the bible story because its what Israel wants.

    There is no such other Lobby anything near to Israels AIPAC, Do you know of any other governments Lobby like AIPAC that Presidential , Senate and Congressmen Candidates seek so desperately their backing because of what it means to their campaign pocketbooks?

    Is there any other government Lobby like Israels AIPAC that ruins careers of Statesmen, Congressmen, Senators, Media personel and Educators who FEAR the accusations of AIPAC's Anti Semitic label ? Do you know of any such lobby that gets away with any similar accusations, like those pulled off for Israels AIPAC interests over the heads of our government.

    And again your accusing me of this overused, worn out accusation of anti semitism because I am pointing out the truth. What a handy tool Israels AIPAC came up with in this Anti Semite accusation. Rather twisted I'd say, its kinda like, agree with us or you must hate us, because any disagreement constitutes in AIPAC's eyes anti semitism. Its kind of a win win situation they've pulled off for decades, but now fortunately its becoming known that a person pointing out the truth behind Israels AIPAC does not a Jew hater make.

    One more question, Is there any other governement Lobby group who through its branch organizations, payed about $10,000 per Congressmen for 80 of them, to come for a one sided propaganda tour of its state settlements on occupied territory, check point walls and ETC. to make sure those same congressmen vote for millions of dollars of free military equipment, munitions and other military matter, as well as about $2.5 billion in aid so it can continue an Occupation ?

    Just a few points above that show that there is no other such Lobby as the meddling Israeli AIPAC.

    Mind you JP, I do not hate you nor any other Jewish person, nor do I hate Israel, and seek for its distruction. I think Jewish people should have a homeland, but on the other hand they should not thwart the rights of their neighbors to have one also by their one sided all pervading AIPAC Lobby, which forwards their own interests above US interests, because believe it or not those interests do not always march in the same direction.

    Got any answers for all thes points ? Have you found any other such Lobbies having any where near the effects of AIPAC ? Name them if you can !!
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    Nov 20, 2014 2:09 AM GMT
    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Opens Up About Her Openly Transgender Son