Annual AIDS Walk

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    Sep 25, 2011 11:07 AM GMT
    The annual AIDS Walk for Life is today!

    The monies raised in this are not for research, but to provide client services to persons living on PEI with HIV or AIDS.

    (We no longer have any actual full-blown AIDS patients anymore; only PLHAs (persons Living With HIV/AIDS virus.) New cases of HIV are still being diagnosed though; the largest growth in the female population, followed by intravenous drug users who are often coinfected with hepatitis C.

    The skies are overcast, but it looks like the rain might hold off.

    A car will come by around 11:00 a.m. to pick up the P.A. sound system.

    We will go set up at the departure point in Joe Ghiz Park named for the father of the current Premier.)

    Registration for walkers starts at noon. we need to have music blaring.. at 1:00 the walkers go; At 1:03 the runners begin.

    The Walk this year is on the Confederaton (Trans Canada) Trail - a series of continuous trails that span the entire country.

    On a marker in Ottawa, is my family's names are inscribed. Canadians everywhere can have their name inscribed at some point along the trail - on whichever marker they choose.

    My name is with my late father's and my late brother's. at the Ottawa Lock Pumping Station at the very head of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, by Parliament.

    I am walking today. Dan will stay behind at the departure/end point to keep the music going and help set up for the BBQ afterward. Companies have donated the food.

    I will be back in my orange "uniform." I am the NDP Candidate again today. I can be seen in that capacity supporting the AIDS Walk. a press photographer might well be there and I want my party colours showing if that is the case.

    This is the first time I will do the Walk - certainly the first long walk ever since the stroke 11 years ago.

    I am quite certain I can handle it. I have been walking 4-6 hours a day every day for the past two weeks on the campaign trail. I can certainly handle the Confederation trail. It really is beautiful. I will take pictures and post.
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    Sep 25, 2011 3:53 PM GMT
    Have a good walk today icon_smile.gif I did the Vancouver one last Sunday with people from work.
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    Sep 25, 2011 7:09 PM GMT
    i'm back

    I walked the full 10 km in 1:23:00

    It was lovely. cloudless sky, mid 20's Celcius - just enough cool breeze to keep from perspiring heavily.

    There was a nice turn out. There were barbecued hot dogs for the runners and walkers when they got back.

    I got to thank all the student volunteers before the walk, in my capacity as Chair. i explained to them how this money is used, and answered questions about HIV care.

    one other board member showeed up as well to walk with me and Danny. She had over $400 in cash and pledges.

    Dan ended up walking the whole 10 kms too, taking pictures as we went, for the AIDSPEI website.

    we had our sound system set up at the starting & end point so they must have had an okay time there while we were out on the road. icon_smile.gif

    They ate all the food!