The "CHUTZPAH" used in maintaining the "OCCUPATION" of Palestine by Netanyahu, Israels Knesset and the Israeli Lobby AIPAC

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    Sep 27, 2011 11:01 PM GMT
    Is Netenyahu adding still more settlement units, daring the world community to put an end to his "chutspah" in basicly spiting in the face of the Peace process, all the while claiming "Palestinians will not come back to the table"?, he further claims the Palestinians refusing to come back to the table until he stops the settlement construction is setting a precondition on negotiations. WHO ON THIS PLANET WOULD CONSIDER THEMSELVES RIGHT IN STEALING FROM A PARTY THEY WANT PEACE WITH AND LABEL THE REQUEST TO STOP THE STEALING A PRECONDITION ? Doesn't that take an extra measure of "CHUTSPAH"?

    Is it Anti Semitic as AIPAC would claim, to label Israel's actions through its government leaders wrong? To take Palestinians side in this settlement issue?

    How does that work for a country and its Lobby AIPAC to be above any reproach for anything it does? What gives them such Authority, such "CHUTSPAH" to claim anti semitism against anyone who points out the error of their treatment of their neighbors ?

    Hasn't AIPAC worn out this phrase Anit Semite in its effort to suppress decension for any disagreement with Israels actions?

    AIPAC's tactic has worked pretty good because most of you are afraid to discuss this Anti Semite topic. Be brave for a change and say what you think.
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    Sep 27, 2011 11:13 PM GMT
    no money for our own poor and homeless yet billions sent to israel for shiny new condos...


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    Sep 28, 2011 6:18 AM GMT
    kolkii saidno money for our own poor and homeless yet billions sent to israel for shiny new condos...


    These facts as shown in this book and is exposed in many other media should raise an alarm in all American Voters, We are being taken for a very bad ride on our Tax dollars which support Israel's ongoing theft of land for settlements and on and on.

    Check out the work of Move On AIPAC

    The whole world watched in Amazement last week as Obama went against his own words last week to quell the Anti Semitic outcry against him, by threatening to veto the Palestinians bid for Statehood. Rather than continue in his own rhetoric of getting Netanyahu to stop the Settlement building, he bowed to AIPAC pressure to get both their vote and their influence their money can buy.

    What a sad state of affairs to watch an american president be jacked around by the likes of Netanyahu, whose answer to Obama's requests has been to add more approvals of Settlements. Yet we are flooding them with money and military equipment.

    If Americans new how much responsibility for our last major wars lies at the hands of the Israeli lobby throught their around 80% percent membership in Bush/Cheney's NEO CON group the PNAC, they might be protesting in the streets over the loss of our tax dollars to take care of Israels wars, now they want us to take on Iran too.
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    Sep 29, 2011 2:37 AM GMT
    Haaretz News, an article by Akiva Eldar: "NETANYAHU'S SPEECH OF LIES" "Benjamin Netanyahu promised he would feed us the truth, not another campaign speech, but a test of this promise seems opposite" (this re: Netanyahu's UN speech.)

    These liesby Netanyahu, AIPAC and all the apologists comes from his speech. It takes a lot of Chutzpah to repeat these easily disproved lies.

    (1) Ntanyahu stated that, "Olmert afterwards made an even more sweeping offer, in 2008. President Abbas didn't even respond to it. reference to his oft repeated tale that Abbas turned down peace, "this is one of those cases where a half truth is even worse than a lie."

    "Netanyahu certainly read Olmert's op-ed in the NYT last week, asserting that Palestinian Authority Pres Abbas never rejected his offer: "The parameters of a peace deal are well known and they have already been put on the table. I put them there in Sept 08' when I presented a far-reaching offer to Mr. Abbas," Olmert wrote. Netanyahu wont tell us that he himself didn't like Olmerts Parameters, so when he took over he wouldn't re-start those same talks, Netanyahu himself took those off the table.

    (2) About the most oft told lie is the one about Abbas not accepting the Jewish state.

    "We must also reveal the truth about "the refusal of the Palestinians to recognize a Jewish State in any border, " as Netanyahu said to the General Assembly on Friday. His statement was made soon after Abbas submitted to UN Ki-moon an official request to recognize the Palestinian State within the 1967 borders, as state that will live in peace with the state of Israel."

    "Apparently Netanyahu did not manage to see the application and did not know that it was based on UN resolution 181, providing for the creation of an Arab state alongside Israel, as well as on the 1988 Palestinian Declaration of INdependence, which recognized UN Security council Resolution 242 and referred to Israel as a Jewsh State."

    Now that this has been exposed once again to be a lie for propaganda purposes, what do you suppose AIPAC would have to say to any Cngressman or Senator who attempted to show that such statements are not true? That US Official would be called out for being Anti Semitic, and all the media would fallow suit, and AIPAC influenced CNN with Wolf Blittzer pretty much in charge of what gets heard on his program. It so happens that his previous employer was AIPAC. How handy !! Yet another way that AIPAC keeps the truth from being heard by its all pervading influence on our Political life in the US. Many a story is out there of AIPAC orchestrating what is to be heard and not heard. More examples to follow of how the US Politics, Policy and campaign financing is so directly influenced by AIPAC for Israels interests, which are not always in the best interest of the US. Believe me there are plenty to draw from. the above re: Wolf Blitzer is a supposition to make the point, but after this one, we'll try to add a new story unknown daily, if you have some, please share them. Again, there are plenty to choose from. AIPAC is one of those cases of "with friends like them, who needs enemies"

    If you've ever wondered why some stories never see the light of day in the US, look no further than AIPAC

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    Sep 30, 2011 7:33 PM GMT
    In the last few days, the EU, the UN, England, Germany, the Arab League, the US and Turkey have come out against Israel's Unilateral move to add another 1100 Settlements in East Jerusalem on Contested/Occupied Palestinian territory. Here is what Germany had to say about it.

    In today's Haaretz News:

    Germany Reprimands Israel over New Jerusalem Construction

    Merkel told Netanyahu "that the new housing permits raise serious doubts over the Israeli governments readiness to begin serious negotiations with the Palestinians"

    She further stated that "the quartet's amouncement made it clear that the sides must avoid taking provocative steps," Merkel told Netanyahu, "I cannot understand how only a few days after the Quartet's announcement there is news of the approval of 1,100 nehousing units," Merkel added that "the gov. of Israel must now clear the doubts over its seriousness, It is your repsonsiblity."

    Netanyahu's office said in response that the Prime minister does not view Gilo as a settlement, but as neighborhood in Israel's capital"

    Watch the 6:00 news, do you hear a story about this? or if you do which side is Highlighted, Israels or Merkels angry call to Netanyahu to call him down for having the chutzpah to do such a thing?

    Watch CNN, MANBC, FOX, CBS, NBC and see if anything at all comes out over a negative story about Israels actions. Why aren't these media letting these stories in their entirety be told to the American Public ? What part does AIPAC Play in shutting out anything negative about Israel, while continuously running negotive stories about Palestinians or the Middle East in Gerneral.

    You should care because It is affecting peoples vote as to where your tax dollars are going. If the public doesn't have th the full story they cannot make an informed votes and the Israeli AIPAC doesn't want the American public knowing these things, because of that 2.5 billion in US AID that could come to an end if Americans knew the truth.
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    Oct 01, 2011 11:45 PM GMT
    From Haaretz News, an article by Alexander Yahobson, Titled:

    THE RIGHT TO LIVE HERE (reference East Jerusalem in Particular)

    The Jewish People has the right to its own has the right to...'Law of Return, as do other dispersed peoples, including the Armenians and the Palestinians in their state that is supposed to be established beside Israel."

    (re: Palestinians in East Jerusalem) "It turns out that the same despicable policy arpplied for many years in East jeruasalem - REVOKING RESIDENCE RIGHTS OF THOSE WHO LEFT THE CITY FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOS AND WANT TO COME BACK - is also being applied to members of the small Armenian community in the Old City."

    "This community of 2,000 people has been living in this city for hundres of years and includes descendents of survivors of the Armenian genocide in the early 20th Century."

    "These are the people whom the Interior Ministry of the Jewish State has chosen to Harass. Mebmers of the community who travel abroad for a few years to study or work. discover their residence has expired: "There's no one in the Government who can explain to the interior minister that Israel, in it current diplomatic situation, has no interest in provoking the Armenian diaspora with this ugly harassment. BUT, CLEARLY, IT's NOT THE ARMENIANS, BUT THE PALESTINIAN ARABS IN EAST JERUSALEM WHO ARE THE MAIN TARGER OF THE POLICY OF REVOKING THE IDENTITY CARDS of those who leave the city for an extended period.....its application to residents of East Jerusalem is blatantly unjust." (this leans toward ethnic cleansing)

    "but the residents of East Jerusalem are not foreigners who came here from abroad. They are natives of this country and city, who have the right to live here....the the right of a person to live in his country and city included - especially in the current global reality - the right to travel abroad to study or work, or for any other purpose, and return home, even after many years, without being dependent on anyones good will."

    "Whoever denies this, denies the principlbe of equality even as he claims to defend it. But this does not mean that the Jewish State is allowed to violate the right of residence of those who were born here."

    What other purpose but to rid East Jerusalem of Palestinian Arabs/Armenians, to make 'facts on the ground' line up with the Zionist Far Right Likuds Party platform of never dividing East Jerusalem from the rest of Jerusalem, as has been discussed and is planned as the Capitol of Palestine.

    If this effort doesn't lean toward ethnic cleansing, what does ? So much for democratic principles if they happen to cross hairs with Zionist Fanaticism.

    Have you read of this going on the MainStream Media in the US ? Why is this kept out of the news? Again, AIPAC's purpose for existence is to influence the US Government and its public in a way to put every situation involving Israel in a good light. If anyone exposes any matter that puts Israel's Democracy in a bad light, they are immediately labeled as Anti Semitic.

    AIPAC accomplishes this very similarly to how the "good ol' boy' system works in the south. Friends in high places see to it that only what the "good ol' boy' network approves of gets to see the light of day where the ink meets the paper. The previous AIPAC CEO, WOLF BLITZER'S position for instance is quite handy to block what the AIPAC 'network" doesn't approve of.

    Soon we need to look into the placements of AIPAC members and shills, wait till you see how many of them existed in the NEO CON group Project For the New American Century that pushed for war with Afghanistan, Iraq and even now is still pushing for war with Iran.

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    Oct 02, 2011 5:05 PM GMT
    This article on a Haaretz Editorial


    The LIKUD influenced "Regional Planning and Building Council in Jerusalem approved constrction of 1,100 apartments on the southern slopes of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, which is over the Green Line."

    This "unilateral decision was made while the Quartet was waiting for the parties response to its new intiative on negotiations, which is intended to save the two state solution and prevent another outbreak of violence."

    "The international community, includeding the US, does not recognize the application of Israeli law and administration to East jerusalem, US SOS, Clinton and the EU foreign policy chief Aston joined the Palestinian protest against the decision to expand Gilo, The Quartet warned that Israel's move endangers its efforts to achieve peace."

    Has anyone in the US heard of this Israeli opinion against Unilateral settlement building ?

    Was it on any of the Main Stream Media 6:00 news media?

    Did any of the Cable News Networks carry this story ?

    Why not ? You can look to AIPAC influence ion what gets heard n our media about Israel for the answer. (It takes a lot of 'chutzpah' to hold back the truth from the American public to keep those billions flowing toward Israel from US government)
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    Oct 04, 2011 4:22 AM GMT
    On today's Haaretz News

    "US Congress Officially confirms blocking Palestinian Aid, Explains Reasoning"

    "US puts some $200 million in 2011 aid on hold whilst seeking further details about the Palestinians usage of funds: Obama Administration Lobbies to unblock aid."

    funny thing is that outside of official realms of speaking, members involved with the block say it will stay in place until the Palestinians back off their Statehood request. Of course this could be a lot of puffing to get that AIPAC backing. Its also interesting to note that these congressional AIPAC hounds have gone even further right than Netanyahu, because he even stopped the Knesset from sanctioning the Palestinians.

    GOD BLESS THE US AIPAC !! now maybe the Pals will be lobbied by Iran to take some of their funds, you can bet Hamas will be approached. WAY TO GO CONGRESS, you've shot your damn foot again !!

    Takes a lot of CHUTZPAH for congress to cut these funds knowing that it is after all a nonviolent peacefull action by Palestinians, yet they say not one word about cutting funds to Israel (amounting to about 2.5 billion) over their breaking international law by building settlments and moving its citizens onto Occupied Palestinians Territory. OH THE WONDERS AIPAC CAN PERFORM by the ANTI SEMITIC LABEL if congress doesn't do its bidding. THIS IS PATHETIC US FOREIGN POLICY

    Its my understanding thought that the Arab League has promised to make up the difference in aid funds.
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    Oct 04, 2011 4:52 PM GMT
    On Haaretz News Today

    "Netanyahu is 'happy' to accept peace plans, less so to seal the deal"

    "Netanyahu is counting on the fact that Israeli citizens won't read the fine print of the Quartet's plan, and that the media will just report he has 'adopted' the plan and is calling on the Palestinians to follow suit."

    "Netanyahu depends on the fact that ... namely, you, the citizens - won't take the time to read the fine print in the Quartet's document and won't ask unnecessary questions. The main thing is that the media will report to the world that Israel has "adopted" the plan and is calling on the Palestinians to follow in his footsteps"

    Are you hearing about this on the 6:00 news or any of the cable news sites ? Is AIPAC telling this to the Congressmen they lobby ? AIPAC networks to keep this kind of information from getting out to the public in the US so the blind support stays in place and that money keeps flowing from US coffers.
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    Oct 05, 2011 4:20 AM GMT
    More from Haaretz News:

    Peres: Galilee mosque arson shameful for the State of Israel:

    "The mosque in the Bedouin village of Tuba-Zanqriyya was set on fire in a suspected "price tag" attack by settlers angry at Israeli policy. The entire interior of the mosque went up in flames .... the words "price tag" was found on the wall of the mosque."

    in the last ten days or so there have been other incidents where the Israeli Settler terrorist group "price tag" have taken actions against the Palestinians. They usually spray paint their signature "price tag" somewhere around their destruction.

    In one incident they destroyed a palestinian farmer's Olive trees, another case was of palestinians being attacked by "Israeli Settlers" when they went to work in their garden on their own property. While they were being beaten up by a large number of these settlers, the palestinians yelled for help and the police stood by as it happened. once they did get involved, the police handed the Palestinians notice that there was a recent law that would prohibit them from coming back to work on their gardens. Imagine this happening to you and at the hands of Illegal settlers and rather than the Israeli police help protect Palestinians safety, they took away their rights so there would be no further trouble.

    Have any actions by this fanatic group of Settlers "price tag" come accross the 6:00 news, have you even heard of the "price tag" settler terrorists ? I wonder does AIPAC achnowledge this or any of the other fanatic Israeli terrorist groups who daily terrorize the Palestinians who live near one of those Illegal settlements ?

    Did you know that there is one particularly fanatic settler group whose Rabbi promotes terrorism and in their writings can be found justification for killing Palestinians Children. Yet AIPAC's sister organizations advertize on these topics here on RJ that "IS IT OK TO KILL ISRAELI CHILDREN?" The facts are that Israeli's have killed 1500 Palestinian children in the last ten years, but AIPAC doesn't want that heard and you will not hear of it on US News, but you sure heard about the Fogel family of 5 that were murdered. this story was repeated several times asking for donations, and several hundred more Units of Settlement housing were approved near this fanatic settlement where they approve of kiling Palestinians Children in their writings, (the new settlement was in memorium of the Fogul Family.)

    Again don't take my word for any of this, look it up on "IF AMERICANS KNEW", do a Google or Wikipedia search on the Israel's "Price Tag" terrorists, and then wonder why AIPAC works so hard to cover all this up so the US Citizens don't have any Idea what atrocities are being perpetrated against the Palestinians, so that the American support and money keeps flowing to Israel.

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    Oct 05, 2011 4:45 PM GMT
    According to Haaretz - Israeli 'police': "Shin Bet Urges Israeli Government to halt funding of West Bank Yeshiva"

    "Shin Bet says it has accumulated information on the Involvement of Yitzhar's yeshiva students in illegal, subversive and violent activities against Arabs and the Security forces."

    "the Shin Bet Security Service is urging the Education Ministry to immediately halt funding to the Od Yosef Hai Yeshiva in the settlement of Ytizhar, near Nablus, saying it has received intelligence information that senior rabbis in the yeshiva are encouraging their studenst to attack Arabs."

    "The army's GOC Central Command, Maj. Avi Mizrahi, recently issued restraining orders that forbid several students affiliated with the yeshiva to enter the West Bank. This decision was based on what security sources termed well founded suspicions that these students had been involved in attacks on Arabs, including "PRICE TAG" attacks on Arab property (so called because they seek to deter the Israeli army from rasing illegally built settler houses houses in the settlements) and the torching of mosques in nearby Palestinian Villages."

    Has anyone heard of AIPAC advertising for continueing Settlement building through its Christian broadcasts, including such terrorism that springs from these settlements ?

    Has there been any news of these disturbing trends in the settlements on the 6:00 news or on any other mainstream media ?

    AIPAC would consider it Anti Semitic to expose the problems caused by settlers as a reason to stop the settlement building. HANDY GROUP THIS AIPAC !!! They keep the truth from comming out in the process of their sworn duty to forward the interests of Israel in the US. It does keep the money flowing though doesn't it.

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    Oct 06, 2011 5:38 PM GMT
    Dozens of Settler surround Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)patrol in West Bank and assault Soldiers. According to Haaretz News:

    "IDF Patrol vehicle near Shilo trapped by roadblocks: settlers and soldiers clash in what a senior officer calls 'crossing a red line'"

    "The incedent began after rumores circulated that the Gal Yosef Illegal outpost is about to be evacuated, At approximately 9 PM the settlers erected roadblocks and blocked the entrance to the outpost with their cars."

    No arrests were made of any of these jewish settlers on Occupied Palestinian Land, had this been Palestinians protecting their rightfully own homes from the IDF there would have been many arrests, Israels jails are full of such Palestinians.

    AIPAC doesn't want Americans seeing this side of the Settler Situation, and you will not hear of this on the news this evening because the truth would cut into AIPAC's influence to gain donations and backing for the Illegal Settlements on Palestinians Land, it doesn't fit into AIPAC's victim status for settlers and Israeli's in general at the hands of Palestinians.

    Much more of this story to come later.

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    Oct 07, 2011 4:42 PM GMT
    reference the above case of Settlers surrounding the IDF vehicle and roughing up a couple of them.

    The above took place within days of several other incidents. There are several articles about these other cases between the different Israeli/Jewish sites and many comments bringing out more information.

    In one case Settler vandals over night uprooted nearly 100 olive trees, and did other damage the the Palestinian farms. Mind you the olive trees supply much needed Olive oil for the families own use as well as provide income from sales, Olive trees take many years to become good producers, so these acts of vandalism by settlers has a very long lasting detrimental affect.

    Regarding the case of the Palestinians being attacked on their farm: Its being reported by several that no only did the Police stand back and let this attack go on, but the truth is several of the attackers were off duty police who live in the nearby settlement. That very settlement was one of the first settlements built for cheap housing for police and other Israeli municipality employees so they could be close to the city yet housed cheaply.

    Now if any of you do much reading on these sites about these conflicts you will recognize that if any negative actions come from Palestinians, they are not only not looked over but the Palestinian actions are termed "terrorism" by the media. Case in point, last friday is its said that a man and his infant son had a bad accident where they both died on a West Bank road. Later on the IDF decided that it must have been "Palestinian Terrorist Rock throwers" because blood was found on a rock inside the overturned car, they came up with two confessions of Palestinian young men.

    Now which of these above cases will appear in the US News? Which cases will be used by AIPAC and its networks and christian broadcasts to plead for money to help the poor terrorised Israeli's ? Watch and see !!

    How many times in your neighborhood would you and your neighbors put up with such actions as what comes from these settlers without retaliatiating? then imagine when you and a neighbor did retaliate, that you hear on the news that you the real victim was a terrorist and attacked the helpless. What would you do ? How would you react? this is what the Palestinians have gone through for decades and in great deal as a result of AIPAC lies being spread in our American Media to keep that support up for Israel and to keep that money flowing to Israel.

    Keep in mind to that by exposing this we are not interested in seeing Israel come to an end, what needs to come to an end is the lies that give approval of and promote more Israeli atrocities perpetraited against the Palestinians.
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    Oct 09, 2011 2:04 AM GMT
    From the Times News

    "Radical Settlers Take On Israel"

    "Yitzhar, West Bank --A pipe bomb that exploded late on Wednesday night -outside the Jerusalem home of Zeev Sternhell, a Hebrew University professor, left him lightly wounded and crated only a minor stir in a nation that routinely experiences violence on a much larger scale."

    "But Mr. Sternhell was noted for his impassioned critiques of Jewish Settlements in the West Bank, once suggesting that Palestinians "would be wise to concentrate their struggle against the settlements," and the authorities found fliers near his home offering nearly $300,000 to anyone who kills a member of Peace Now, a left wing Israeli advocacy group, Leading them to suspect that militant Israeli settlers or their supporters were behind the attack."

    "If so, the bombing may be the latest sign that elements of Israel's settler movement are resorting to extremist tactics to protect their homes in the Occupied West Bank against not only Palestinians, but also Jews who some settlers argue are betraying them. Radical settlers say they are determined to show that their settlements and outposts cannot be dismantled, either by law or by force." "Now, ... the militants seem to have spawned a broader, more defined strategy of resistance designed to intimidate the state."

    Actually I am surprised to read this straight of an account of how severe the settler problem is in the west bank as here described on New York Times, pages. This is very detrimental to Netanyahu's defense of Settlements

    Now lets watch to see what excuses the AIPAC crowd comes up with in defense of these Settlers taking on the Israeli State and what do you want to bet that you won't see this clear of a discription of the problem on the 6:00 News, CNN, MSNBC, FOX , ABC, CBS or NBC. because this story will not play well with the publics approval of Netanyahu's Settlement building.

    Please post if you do see this story on any of the US Main Stream Media

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    Oct 11, 2011 2:34 AM GMT
    Over the last few days Netanyahu has called for an end to Jewish extremists, Settlers and "Price Tag" vandalism against Muslim holy sites, cemataries, Arab homes and farms.

    Lets think about this a minute, Who just authorized 6000 units of illegal Settlement Housing on Occupied Palestinian Territory over the last 10 months ? Wasn't it NETANYAHU's Administration ? What is involved in putting in these Settlement Units ? Palestinian homes have to be removed after eviction of Palestinians, farmers Olive groves and out buildings have to be pushed over and destroyed, more land for what Israel terms a 'buffer zone' for settler protection has to be cleared too, so more destruction takes place. Aren't such acts even though done by the State of Israel even worse than simple 'vandalism' when it takes a persons home and livlihood away ?

    The Zionist Extremists believe that all the land belongs to Israel because of some Bible story promise of Abraham giving Israel the land. This to them justifies all of the above atrocities that Netanyahu condemns unless its state sponsored. This ongoing Occupation and Settlement building creates the setting for the Settlers and Israeli's to justify these attrocities.

    Its takes a hell of a lot of CHUTZPAH for Netanyahu to make such statements while he approves the same from the state he runs.
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    Oct 11, 2011 4:27 PM GMT
    Today's Haaretz News:



    "Prime Minister Netanyahu has instructed Justice minister Yaakov Neeman to set up a task force to explore ways to legalize houses in the settlements that were built on private Palestinian land."

    "The instruction was issued under heavy pressure from settlers and others on the right in response to the state's decision to demolish several outposts built on private Palestinian land over the next half year."

    "Ever since 1979, when the High Court overturned an attempt to use the pretext of 'security reasons' to expropriate private Palestinian land for settlements, successive attorney generals have all ruled that there is no legal way to build houses for settlers on prvate Palestianian land"



    Imagine this !!! and these Zionist Fanatics are serious as hell !! fair minded people with concern for the rights of others have a hard time wrapping their minds around such fanaticism, and so hopefully with the EU, the UN, and the UN QUARTET Representatives. If Fairness wins Israel's Fanatic Far Right leaders will be force to see reality and stop these god damn settlements.

    You've heard that "Truth is stranger that fiction", well how could anyone make up anything showing more Chutzpah that this ? How can this fool Netanyahu be this god damn stupid to think that with the world watchingt his, he will still be seen as honestly concerned about Settler vandoism one day then the next try to legalize the vandalism of taking Palestinian land ?

    There is no excuse for this, fanaticism to justify such actions of blatant theft, shows the world all they need to know as to why the Palestinians cannot find justice from these fanatics without assistance from the UN and other International Bodies of Power and Influence.

    Netanyahu's act should be a great help in showing the LIKUD's great desire to grab more land, but certainly gives the lie to their desires for peace, unless of course the reader agrees with Netanyahu's LIKUD apologists who think they are entitled to what Palestinians have because ABRAHAM SAID SO IN THE BOOK

    Netanyahu is a gift that keeps giving to the Palestinians who seek fairness, This poor diluted Zionist Fanatic just cannot help showing his Chutzpah just about everytime he opens his mouth. If the EU, the UN and the International community as a whole needs proof as to why ABBAS has taken to seeking help with their bid for a just peace, Netanyahu gives yet another example of just how impossible it is to deal with these one sided Zionist Fanatics.

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    Oct 12, 2011 3:58 AM GMT
    Haaretz News

    Stop the terrorist wave against Israel's Arabs;

    "The attacks on Muslim and Christian holy sites are security offenses liable to turn communities against each other and ignite a huge religious-nationalist fire"

    "Terrorist acts inside Israel reflect the infiltration of the violent culture that has developed on the other side of the Green Line during decades of Occupation, The timing is easily understood against the backgroudn of the racist, anti-democratic legislation enacted by the current Knesset: The message it transmits is that Israel's Arab citizens are Illegitimate."

    (note worthy comment by 'American Vet')
    "Look how the israeli under-lying beleifs manifests itself:"
    "A government that enacts racist, anti-democratic legislations, A silent majority that tolerates apartheid acts, religious leaders that preach racism. which is never condemned by government leaders, Jewish populatioin never reporting a crime against Arabs or Christians."

    (another noteworthy comment by Mountain Hawk)

    "What has the world been telling you for years"
    "The occupation and settlements are the biggest cause of conflict. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Israel is parched of comon sense and is determined to destroy itself. Keep to the borders you declared under 181 and give the rest back. It was never yours in the first place, Look at what it is costing you, is it worth it."

    In the US the Israeli Lobby AIPAC, has been quite successful in keeping the negative and often racist and inciting teachings of Rabbi's in the Settlements against the Palestinians. We never hear about the laws that the Knesset are passing against the rights of the Palestinians. we hear multiple stories about this happening in Palestinian schools, particularly in Gaza. Scewing the facts keeps the money flowing to Israel from our congress and all those religious programing telling about how terrible things are for the Israeli's at the hands of the Palestinians.

    Someone has a vested interest in the truth not being told, and if you do expose the truth, your a jew hater, anti Israeli, anti semitic. Oh what hypocricy to blame the vicitim for what you yourself are doing to him.


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    Oct 12, 2011 9:26 PM GMT
    It is one of AIPAC's stated goals to influence public opinion in the US in the best possible light for Israel. This often includes sending its lobbyists through the halls of congress to influence how they view acts of Isreal that do become exposed, such as when its soldiers dropped on the Turkish ship and killed 9 unarmed people. The AIPAC Lobby convinced in the hundreds of Congressmen to sign a letter stating the attack was instead of an attack, an act of self defense, and requesting OBAMA to not ask for an investigation. Each of these congressmen also are well aware that if they went against this lie that AIPAC would slam them in the Media as Anti Israel, Anti Semitic, effectively silencing any thoughts of an unbiased investigation. Christian Fundamentalists fell right into line and also pressured their congressmen.

    One Jewish writer puts his reaction to such tactics this way.

    "If the Christian religion and the Jewish state are not strong enough to be defended without attempts to censor the other side, well, that's the problem that needs urgent attention, and they might want to begin to address it by taking a good, hard look at their own actions and asking themselves why that's the case. And as for the rest of us, we should welcome the challenge to our views that comes from our minds being opened to new ideas."

    Is it not after all, thievery to gain financial donations and support under false pretense ? Why do we US Citizens allow this to continue, when far to often our tax dollars and donated funds and military support, end up supporting an Illegal occupation and oppression of the occupied Palestinians through the theft of their land.
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    Oct 13, 2011 8:38 PM GMT
    I keep noticing this add about " 1 in 4 Israeli's live in Poverty ", what's up with that ? The US gives some $2.3 billion a year plus all the military assistance, equipment and munitions to reign down on Gaza and bulldoze their house and such. Where's all that money going to in Israel? Perhaps we're paying for their Settlement Building Projects on Palestinian Occupied Territory and for guarding them as well as keeping the Settlers from harassing the Palestinians and taring down their Olive groves and farms in general.

    doesn't it take a lot of Chutzpah to go begging for money when the State Of Israel is the largest receiver of donations in the world ? I think I'd be embarassed if it were my country, especially when this is in addition to all the religious programing also begging for support for the Israeli's. Something is wrong with this picture.
  • Posted by a hidden member.
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    Oct 14, 2011 7:14 PM GMT
    An Israeli contributor for Haaretz writes the following;


    "Nir Ben - Artzi is a messiah .... no basic or religious education and worked as a tractor driver until the revelation ...the strangenees of the messiah and his ignorance gave his inner circle great power."

    "In one matter of principle, Ben - artzi resembles other messiahs of our generation - ongoing and crude incitement against non - jews. The 'goyim' have no soul, don't believe them. All the countries of the 'goyim' are against us and should be fought, from Turkey to Europe. In his main annual sermon, before Rosh Hashanah, In which the messiah proves his powers by prophesy, Ben - Artzi demanded that Israel fight the 'goyim' and all their governments. In return, God will send natural desasters and mas death on turkey and everywhere else."

    "It turns out that Ray Strauss ... of the giant Strauss food manufacture - gave Ben - Artzi the redeemer ... an unbelieveable sum: NIS 36 million, in three fiscal years ... The problem is that the person receiving these millions deals in incitement and Straus is not alone" (as a wealthy donor)

    "Among .. first graders, 52.5 percent who are registered as jews will be going to ultra orthodox and orthodox schools. In most of them they will hear as obvious teachings close to those of Ben - Artzi. Extreme opinions about non jews are toutine, Many of them will hear that the 'goyim' have no souls, that they are not to be believed or given in to, as if it were fact, like a chair is a chair."

    "Working people have two lovely choices, Either their money will go through the fat profits of Strauss and others like her , as contributions into the pockets of messianic, racist inciters and will be used for racist propaganda, or their money will go, as huge budgets, to fund incitement instead of education, and will be used for racist propaganda. "

    "Netayahu, in praising the messiah from Lubavich, Rabbis Dov Lior, Ovadia Yosef and Yitzhak Kaduri, Knows exactly what kind of racist incitement hi is supporting. His policy - from Turkey to Europe - precisely meets the demands of Ben - Artzi to stand fast and bait others, even at the price of apocalyptic dangers, from which god has promised he will save us and send against all the 'goyim'. What do we care about Masada, whether we have a long conflict with Turkey and an apocalyptic one with Iran - the tractor driver messiah promised that everything will be for the best."


    Will a story about this influence from Fanatics on Netanyahu's LIKUD Government hit the News in the US ? AIPAC and its affiliates make sure we hear all about the hate spread at the Islamic Madrassa's (many of which were funded originally by the CIA), but if you expose the above means that your Anti Israel, Anti Semitic and a Jew Hater. INTERESTING IS IT NOT ???

  • Posted by a hidden member.
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    Oct 16, 2011 3:37 PM GMT
    As you know Netanyahu pushed his Knesset very hard to agree to the deal with Hamas for the release of Gilad Shalit, the one lone prisoner held by Hamas and as I understand it, there are none held by the Fatah branch of the PLO in the West Bank. You may have read in the US about how unfair it has been for the Palestinians to hold Shalit for nearly 5 years now, claims of how terroristic it has been on the Palestinians to do such a thing.

    But have you read any where near the number of articles, statements and declarations against the holding of around 10,000 Palestinians ? Did Netanyahu referr to all the Palestinians brought in and held by the IDF ? Now there are calls from many far right LIKUDS to release as many Israeli's who have been convicted of murdering Palestinians, to even the score of the around a 1,000 so called terrorist Palestinians to be released in this swap? Has this been in the news ?

    An Israeli writer for Haaretz named Gideon Levy:

    Shalit is returning to a state in psychosis;

    In regard to Sharlit's return --- "a general in the reserves declared: "Hamas has a heart of stone" (as if someone who detains tens of thousands of palestinian prisoners, some of them POLITICAL, some of them WITHOUT TRIAL, some of them HELD FOR YEARS WITH NO FAMILY VISITS, has a heart of gold)

    "Five years with only a rare news broadcast that did not mention his existence." ..... "Who isn't against terror and for Shalit's release? But that same sobbing society did not for a moment ask itself, with honesty and with courage, why Shalit was captured. It did not for a moment say to itself, with courage and with honesty, that if it continued along the same path there will be many more Gilad Shalits, dead or captured. In successive elections it voted, again and again for centrist and right wing governments, the kind that guarantee that shalit will not be the last llllShalit is the unavoidable price of a state that chooses to live by the sword forever."

    "No one ever asked it: Why is it permissible to negotiate with Hamas over the fate of a single soldier yet prohitbited to do so over the fate of two bleeding peoples?" The Palestinians and the Israeli's

    You won't read of this opinion that exposes Israeli Hypocricy in regard to its undemocraticly holding of thousands of Palestinians, but you sure did hear about the one Israeli held by Terrorist Palestinians. Its fair to ask who are the real aggressors here ? Who are the real terrorists? Who is taking from whom? Who is forcing the other off their land to build Settlements for their own? But for the asking of such questions the above writer and anyone else who dares to is considered Anti Israel, Anti Semit, and a Jew Hater by AIPAC and its Affiliates here in the US, Run this by our RJ ZIONIST FANATIC Ceaserea4 (LIL'AIPAC) and he'll tell you the same as AIPAC.
    But AIPAC's methods are still working to gain billions in free money for Israel which in part goes to cover up the truth so that money keeps flowing. your tax dollars are hard at work holding those thousands of Palestinian prisoners to keep up the Occupation.

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    Oct 17, 2011 4:33 PM GMT
    Haaretz News


    With Rabbi inciting hate like this, is it any wonder that Settlers in the West Bank treat the Palestinians in whose land they dwell so inhumanely?

    Will you read of such religious incitement from our media here in the USA ? WHY NOT ? What influences keep these pertinent facts from being printed and put on our TV Screens ? AIPAC MAYBE ?
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    Oct 19, 2011 12:04 AM GMT
    From an Israeli writer: Talia Sasson, who sheds new light on the following:


    ".... Netanyahu has ordered Justice Minister Neeman to establish a committee to recommend ways to legalize Israeli construction in the particular.... to find ways to legalize the confiscation of land owned by individual Palestinians who had the back luck to have Illegal outposts built on their property."

    "The order raises difficult questions about the governments policies and its commitments to the US, It is also not clear how it is possible to establish a committee to discuss the outposts' legal status after the High Court (of Israel) has already found them illegal and ordered them dismantled."

    "The very fact that the government is discussing the illegal ouposts after the High Court has ruled undemines the most basic principles of the rule of law. Court rulings must be obeyed without question."

    "And on a substantive level, how can we legalize the theft of private property, which was carried out by force and without any proper legal procedure.? There's also another problem: International law applies to the territories, and according to this law, private property can be expropriated from the Palestinians only for security needs. But the court of Justice ruled in 1979 that establishing settlements is not a security need."

    "Therefore, it is not possible to expropriate private land from a Palestinian for an Israeli settlement. And if your answer is 'let's change the law,' that isn't an option, since the law that applies in the territories is international law. If it were possible to creat some legal mechanism to legalize the theft of these lands, why wasn't it presented to the High Court when the case was heard? Why are we trying to invent it now, anfter the High Court has spoken.?"

    "And why has Netanyahu decided that the committee's members will not be lawyers from the State Prosecutor's Office? The answer is clear: Because no lawyer worthy of the name would sign the requested opinion - and certanly no lawyer in the State Prosecutor's Office would do so."

    Why don't we hear this story here in the US ? Why isn't this story known of and a topic among the evangelical evangelists who promote the biblical espoused right of Israel to all of the land of Samaria and Judea (the West Bank) Time after time I've noted these preachers saying its against the lords will for the US to force Israel to give up its land. (don't take my word for it, look up Hagee's teachings about Israel's claim to the west Bank (Judea and Sumaria and many others like him) These preachers claim the US misses a blessing by going against their particular interpretation of what the bible says belongs to Israel. AIPAC and its affiliates promote all of the above. while some of the Zionist Zealots call these Christian Fundamentalists, USEFULL IDIOTS.

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    Oct 20, 2011 6:49 AM GMT
    Netanyahu bargained with Hamas for release of Galid Shalit, good for him, I am glad the young man is free. Part of this deal was to release over 1000 Palestinian Prisoners.

    Lets recall that up to this swap of prisoners, Netanyahu had refused to negotiate with terrorist Hamas, go back further and do some study and you'll find that Hamas was promoted by Israel to weaken the PLO, Many Israeli commentors are claiming Netanyahu seeks to weaken Abbas PLO now, through this action. Seems twisted to me, why the hell not just go ahead and seek peace with Hamas right along side of the PLO, just a year ago Netanyahu was claiming he couldn't deal with Abbas PLO after it joined hands and mended old wounds with HAMAS terrorists to seek peace with Israel.

    It take Chutzpah for Netanyahu to now claim after dealing with Hamas for the swap that he will not take this open door and seek peace with Hamas right along side Abbas PLO, rather than continue the theft of Palestinian territory for Settlements. All this just appears to be more of the same old gamesmanship.
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    Oct 21, 2011 5:27 AM GMT
    UN RIGHTS EXPERT: "Palestinian children subject to arrests, violence by Israel"

    "UN Human Rights rapporeur for the Palestinian Territories Richard falk calls on Israel to adopt international guidelines for protection of Palestinian Children living under Israeli Occupation."

    "In a statement to the UN General Assembly, Richard Falk, A former New York University professor, cited particular cases in which Palestinian children in the West Bank were arrested or subjectied to violence."

    "Prolonged occupation deforms the development of children through pervasive deprivations affecting health, education and overal security," falk said in hsi statement."

    "He said some of those children, who were arrested for allegedly throwing stones at the settlers, were subject to interrogation and abuse."

    "Falk said 178 Palestinians suffered injuries as a result of violence from Israeli settlers so far in 2011 ...The violence involved stone throwing, assaults and shooting by settlers."

    We will not read about this in the US papers, nor hear or see it on TV evening news nor on Cable News. AIPAC and their affiliates see to it that we don't and they keep that money flowing from religious infomercials where they tell about some Israeli in need of money or where a palestinian retaliated against some family after years of taking abuse, then these religious channels use those situations to ask for more money to be sent to Israel. What a scam they've got going.