Foreskin restoration.

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    May 18, 2008 4:54 PM GMT
    Seems to be a hot topic lately and the pro's out weigh the cons. I mean it's the way the male body was intended to be. I have heard being uncircumsised is better in so many ways. I also think it's more attractive. What are your thoughts.. Would you? Are you? How is it done?
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    May 19, 2008 3:47 AM GMT
    Never heard of it before. Sounds interesting and if anyone out there knows how it is done please tell.

    Not sure if I would want anything done down there.
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    May 19, 2008 10:32 AM GMT
    Yeah I've heard of this many a times and it's not new in any real terms. I'm uncut and it does feel a lot better in terms of just holding it and I have a lot more feeling when the head is exposed, just the flick of a tongue is like getting head for a few minutes by one of the best but there is also the idea of hygiene and it's a constant and an always and a must. But yeah there's nothing wrong with cut or uncut really, both have pros and cons.

    Oh here's the info you'd want to look into about it.
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    May 19, 2008 10:34 PM GMT
    Thanks inuman..
    I've done some internet investigation, there seems to be a ton of information. And a lot of guy's doing this, it's not a medical procedure. Seems you just grow the skin back useing a variety of devices. And they all look like they work. Takes 3 to 4 years but well worth it based on all the positive aspects of being intact. Better sex, etc..
    What are you guy's thinking?
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    May 25, 2008 5:19 AM GMT
    Hey! What a way to break into my first post...talking about foreskins! Haha I myself was cut at birth but those crazy ass things they call parents. I never knew that there was a difference until my late elementary years/early middle school years...about the same time I realized I liked boys icon_biggrin.gif With time I ran into the idea of restoration and then put in my due diligence to research it. As FriendlyguyinAZ noted, there is a LOT of information on the web. You can try or (though NORM has more info). I have been an off and on restorer for 1.5 years. As for progress, well I make GREAT progress when I can restore, but I have yet to buy a device that works wonderfully with shorts so I can only restore when in pants, esp in the winter months. To quanitify my progress, I went from a CI-1 to a CI-4 in my year and a half of off and on restoring (if you don't know about the CI scale, google 'CI Coverage Index' and go to the first link...follow the flow chart carefully and use the words more than the pictures).

    As for is it worth it? HELL YEAH IT IS! Sensitivity is MUCH higher when I'm restoring, because the glans stays covered and naturally becomes moist. As for myself, I have some kind of splotchy coloration of the glans that any cut guy wouldn't notice, but a turtle-neck would pick up on instantly. It's a result of the keratinization, or the toughening of the skin to resist the irritation initially caused by cutting.

    Without diving down into the well of drama that always comes from a debate about circumcision, I personally believe cutting should be outlawed. Sweden has already taken steps to do so, and other EU countries are considering. For the skeptics or "not our place to outlaw" kind of people, consider: a baby boy's foreskin is fused to his glans (that's the head) at birth; to remove it, the doctor has to TEAR the foreskin from the glans, then slice it a bit to slide in a bell shaped metal piece; the pulls the skin over the piece and then slides a ring over the metal bell and crushes the skin to close off the viens and seal the skin. NORMALLY the glans would remain 100% covered without exposure up until ~8 yrs old, with extreme cases reaching 18. Some argue that it has to be done to infants because of phimosis (too narrow of a foreskin). Response: phimosis can't be determined until a child has grown into their foreskin and they begin having erections. Even then, there are topical steroids and stretching techniques to loosen the frenar bands. I just feel that the most RESPECTFUL approach is to allow a boy to grow up whole and intact until he reaches 18, and then allow him to decide for himself. Americans need to get a clue from the rest of the world and stop cutting their boys! And the excuse of cleanliness?! I don't buy it....what boy, straight or gay, does NOT spend a lot of time with his penis?! hehe

    So as for restoration: the TLC tugger, and CAT-II are GREAT products. Almost everyone needs use manual techniques (use doug's manual methods listed on NORM) and possibly T-tapes at first. When considering a product after you have enough skin, look for one within budget that has a inner and outer skin component. The new TLC-X tugger and the CAT-II. If you ONLY stretch the outside, you'll end up with scrotal migration. Besides, inner foreskin is MORE SENSITIVE icon_razz.gif !

    SO this has become rather lengthy! Hope it helps to provide a SOLID basis for ALL RJ guys. I hope people discover something they didn't know about and then want to restore! I'm ALWAYS open for questions!
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    Nov 01, 2008 8:54 PM GMT
    As an update, restoring was discussed extensively in the November issue of Details magazine on page 127. Read it online since they sell the December issue during November: