Gay Republicans: Why Do Feel the Need to Defend Anti-Gay Republicans Who Use Homophobic Speech or Support Anti-Gay Laws?

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    Sep 30, 2011 12:32 AM GMT
    This isn't directed at ALL gay Republicans. I realize there are many gay Republicans who denounce anti-gay Republicans and Democrats alike. They don't hesitate to call out bigotry when they see it.

    However, there are many gay Republicans who have psychological symptoms akin to Battered Wife's Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome:

    1) They have sense of empathy and understanding for anti-gay Republicans. They do not view their anti-gay words as attacks but rather justified opinions.

    2) They attack those who criticize, insult or attack the anti-gay politician who makes anti-gay comments or supports an anti-gay law. The anti-gay politician is not the enemy. Those who attack him or her is the enemy.

    3) They accuse those who criticize anti-gay Republicans because of their homophobia as "intolerant". Anti-gay Republican's words of bigotry = justified opinions. Gay community's criticism against anti-gay Republican's words = intolerance and hate speech.

    4) They attempt to downplay or handwave the anti-gay Republican's actions or words as 'unimportant' or 'misunderstood' or 'misinterpreted' even when made explicitly clear. They'll accuse his/her criticizers as being 'over-dramatic' or 'not seeing the big picture'.

    5) They deflect blame on to the opposing party while ignoring the actions of their own. If an anti-gay politician signs an anti-gay state law, they feel the need to defend his actions by ignoring it and deflecting it back towards the opposing party.

    I truly want to understand WHY they do this.

    I have no problem with gays being Republicans. If they feel that voting for a Republican who has an anti-gay position on the basis that they feel his other stances are more important, I can understand particularly in this economy. They place gay rights on a lower scale than gay liberals. It's not important to them.

    However, I do not understand gay Republicans who feel the need to defend even the likes of Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter or Rick Santorum who regularly sprout homophobia.

    It's like a battered wife defending her abusive husband from the police or family.

    My theory? I think it has to do with their parents/friends/family. They have family members and friends who are anti-gay in various extremes...but they still love them.

    I think they somehow psychologically transfer that to anti-gay Republicans.

    If a gay activist attacks a anti-gay Republican who makes homophobic remarks, the gay Republican subconsciously views the anti-gay Republican as someone he loves as a family member or friend because they may say or think similar things.

    "If Herman Cain is a bigot....than that means my mom is bigot and hates me too."

    And that can't be true.
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    Sep 30, 2011 12:47 AM GMT
    I read that thread but it didn't cover the specific topic I'm covering. It's far more broad and doesn't touch on the sensitive issue of gay Republicans defending anti-gay Republicans.

    That thread is more "Gay Republicans, why are you Republican and what is your background?"