Just as some men have stronger arms, some men have stronger penises.

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    Oct 03, 2011 2:34 AM GMT
    It hadn't occurred to me before I masturbated a man and while doing so, wondered how his penis could take so much hard stroking. The stroking went on and on. I eventually got tired.

    I had heard of penises becoming de-sensitized.

    Another man would have cum after two minutes maybe. Another man's penis may not have been as muscular(?) as this guy's penis?

    Do you agree that some men have stronger penises than other men?

    Does the strength of the penis make for better tops?
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    Oct 03, 2011 5:04 AM GMT
    There've been some cocks that I've worked over with a hand job, as well as with an orifice or two, for literally hours before their owners get off. Then at the other extreme are the wham-bam ones which are gushing seed in the blink of an eye, owned by men who "flunked 'PE' class." It has nothing to do with some imagined "penile strength" and everything to do with the experience, skills, and stamina of both men.
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    Oct 03, 2011 11:01 AM GMT
    When I was a teenager and in my 20s, the guy-talk used to include the statement, the penis is a muscle.

    We also came across sexual abstaining practices of martial artists that said very disciplined men would put their penises in sand to de-sensitize the penis to develop control over the penis. (Hard to believe, but when we got on the topic of preventing premature ejaculation and controlling the penis, a lot of experiments and esoteric practices over the centuries came up. It's probably worth a google to see if the history of penis control in Asian monasteries still show hard to believe practices.)

    The muscle requires exercise camp said people with thicker and larger penises are men who exercise their penises more. Some people have said that men who are the penetrators in sodomy have stronger penises than those who are penetrators of vaginas.

    This one guy who talk a lot of effort of my hand job on him seemed to have a stronger muscle than I did. It definitely could take more pressure in the force of my downward thrusts and the force of the squeezing.

    Guy-talk and urologists also speak about damaging the penis. To the extent that this man took forces of pressure and squeezing that would damage or make sore a weaker penis, if it was not stronger muscles, something about the cells of his penis were denser or something.