Keep working out with BF or go on our own?

  • DreamItDoIt

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    Oct 04, 2011 5:01 AM GMT
    So the BF conned me into letting him join my gym and work out with me. Sounds like a great idea, except for he is petrified of even the grandma in the corner lifting weights and gets super insecure. He gets super mean and has no issue making a small fit in the middle of the gym. I was really excited to do this with him as he was wanting to learn some stuff from me and be able to be my workout buddy. I am just thinking its only going to be a wedge between us and I am going to end up watering down my workout every time he goes with and wind up with a pissy bf every time. We get along so well otherwise.

    I cant be the only one who has dealt with this, and figured maybe some of you have some advice?
  • wpc56

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    Oct 04, 2011 6:28 AM GMT
    Sigh, it like my story with my BF.

    We're trying to lose weight and having done it once myself I pretty much take the lead and get blamed for everything under the sun.

    Correct his form, oh ones, you're embarrassing me!! How dare you!!

    Finally decided to put aside some money for couple's session with a personal trainer and just follow his program.

    Just shift the blame onto the trainer if he objects and follow his program religiously... though i try not to talk to him much in gym during our own session, lest he start some other drama shyt.

    Now that we're six months into our session, he's gain enough muscle to admit seeing the benefit of our gym sessions together and a lot easier to put up

    Hell, he's better than me at certain exercise now since he's taller and bigger than me.
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    Oct 04, 2011 1:07 PM GMT
    I was pretty intimdated when I first started going to.the gy a few years backicon_mad.gifm. Try going with him at low traffic hours in the mornkng where he can try things out, learn the proper.form, and not have to worry about people watching him. Once he starts to.gain confidence, you can start going at normal times. It certainly helped me feel more comfortable.