Hello people
I was so sad that one of my favorite stuffed pink bunny's ears both fell off. His name is Kumagoro and is from one of my favorite animes: Gravitation. Well i took him to Build a bear and this awesome girl (arin) Was able to help me out. It was kind of embarrassing but i cared too much about getting him back to normal. Well she was awesome and got him looking like new ^-^. I am in such a good mood and am so grateful!

<a href=/www.flickr.com/photos/63942303@N07/6213243283/" title="Princess Victoria Welcomes Kumagoro back by Jimmy4913, on Flickr">Princess Victoria Welcomes Kumagoro back">

Well now, have you guys ever broken, ripped, or lost something that you were devastated until you got it fixed? or maybe something that you wish you could fix or lost that you have not gotten over?