SPLC makes video about the "Values Voters Summit" (Every republican candidate EXCEPT Huntsman will be there)

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    Oct 05, 2011 5:20 PM GMT

    An OFFICAL list of some confirmed speakers.

    Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum are all scheduled to speak, along with John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Ann Marie Buerkle, Ted Cruz, Ken Cuccinelli, Vicky Hartzler, Bobby Jindal, Jim Jordan, Steve King, Mike Pompeo, Gen. William Boykin, former Commander of Delta Force, and Gen. Benjamin Mixon, former Commander, Multi-National Division, Iraq.

    Also speaking are Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, Gary Bauer, Bill Bennett, Tony Perkins, Phyllis Schlafly. The list goes on.
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    Oct 05, 2011 6:21 PM GMT
    Oh boy !!! This will be a great hate fest for the "bring our country back to jesus" crowd. every gay republican should keep their ears glued to this to see if this is the group they really want to support. I'll be watching so I know who the enemies of hard fought freedoms are.

    Beck will cry over his love for country and fear of socialism/ fascism as well as his newfound love for Israeli Settlements and call out Obama for dissing them because the US will miss out on jesus blessing if we go against them,

    Ingraham will try to 'outman' the men by her hatefilled rhetoric, Bachman and Santorum will tell us how DADT needs to be brought back so jesus can pour out his blessing on the US.

    Boner and Cantor will tell us they are fighting for jobs by deregulation while out the other side of their mouths they fight tooth and nail to block any effort at subsidizing US industries taking jobs overseas.

    Perry will hold a huge state sponsored prayer 'circle' to bring our country back to jesus and ask collectively for his help in relieving the American Elderly and disabled from the SS Ponzi scheme.

    Ron Paul will say a lot that makes good sense and the jesus freaks will all get silent and impatient for him to get off the stage so they can hear more 'return our country back to jesus' speaches.

    Lou Dobbs will tell us we need to gather up all the illegals on our college campuses and the American offspring of the illegal parents, put them in the big holding centers Bush/cheney had 'haliburton' build, then put them on buses to be dumped across the boarder.

    Gingrich will try to come up with a new 'contract with America' that will sell only to the farthest far righters.

    The rest will fall somewhere in between and the crowd will go home tired from jumping up and down clapping for the hate fest.

    I hope you republicans can find a 'real american patriot' out of this bunch you can vote for. GOOD LUCK !!!