I saw this today:

As well as these parts particularly:
PieceCanuck captain Henrik Sedin grinned nervously when asked about the picture.

"I didn't take a deeper look," he said.

Kesler shrugged off the teasing from his teammates.

"Jealously!" he said. "That's all they've got.

"It turned out well. I had a lot of fun doing it. That's pure me."

PieceAsked what he thought about the pictures, Luongo shook his head.

"I have no comment."

And it reminded me of the Fifth Estate special about Brendan Burke, the son of the Leafs manager who came out as gay and was tragically killed in a car accident.


The special is well worth watching, but what do you think of the article about Kesler stripping for a photo shoot? What do his teammates sound like, at least according to the way it was written.