THIS IS THE BREAKING POINT. Other Republicans will follow.

Perhaps our long national nightmare of Republican Fiscal Madness is OVER.

GOP Rep. Wolf rips Norquist, tax pledge

By Pete Kasperowicz - 10/04/11 01:35 PM ET

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) on Tuesday ripped the Grover Norquist tax pledge and the tax activist himself.

Wolf criticized Norquist's pledge, which most Republicans have taken in promising to not raise taxes, and said Norquist had used it to advance other issues he said most voters would oppose.

He also slammed the conservative for profiting from "unsavory people" and questioned Norquist's background.

"Simply put, I believe Mr. Norquist is connected with and has profited from a number of unsavory people and groups out of the mainstream," Wolf, who has not taken Norquist's pledge, said on the House floor. "I also believe that Mr. Norquist has used the ATR pledge as leverage to advance many other issues that many Americans would find inappropriate, and when taken as a whole should give people pause."