Probably the Most Amazing FanMade Star Wars Short Film EVER!!

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    Oct 09, 2011 3:52 PM GMT

    There's a lot of good stuff going on here, from the creepy, Gigeresque set design to the young Jedi fiddling with his lightsaber to that holographic Vigo the Carpathian barking a whole bunch of dire craziness.

    Unless you are fluent in Italian, use the closed caption button.
  • fitartistsf

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    Oct 09, 2011 8:59 PM GMT
    Ok... that was really cool. George better look out. That was probably better than that CGI-filled crap he put out after the first SW films in the 70s & 80s... although, the only thing that really tied this film to the SW movies was the light saber... everything else could have stood on its' own, even the mention of the Force.... still, the production quality of this film, for a fan-based film, was equal to, if not better than, anything put out by Hollywood these days....

    So keep posting the next volumes....