Recently split up my leg day so that I could focus more on each group independently. In that I find myself with very few exercises for the quads beyond lunges, squats and presses.

Would like to incorporate abductors to that but im lost w/o the machine. How can adjusting my foot placement work with those smaller muscles and how can I rotate those placements through a routine?

What techniques can be incorporated alongside the exercises to make it effective and time efficient without burning out too early? Been a fan of drop sets lately, but not sure what else there is.

I have a solid calf routine, which I use on quad and hamstring day to hit them twice a week, with some heavy weight at 25 reps. Seems to work, but I dont want to cause any imbalances by not hitting the rest with the same intensity as my calves.

day 2- quads, abductors, calves
day 5- hamstrings, calves.