Primary problem to address? Teachers unions.

So, here is my challenge to you: Why don’t you put your money and energy behind your convictions? If you indeed believe that we are headed for disaster, please work on averting it. Early in your career, you revolutionized the global exchange of currency by founding PayPal. You helped change the world by financing Facebook. The world is ripe for another revolution — this time in education. Technology has advanced so much over the last two decades that we can virtually change the way we educate.

Tablet-type devices such as the iPad have become ubiquitous. India recently rolled out a low-end tablet that it will sell for only $35—making the technology even more widely affordable. The graphics capability of these devices is so advanced that we can teach students geography by taking then into virtual worlds. We can teach math using interactive games. Students from around the world can watch lectures from universities like MIT and Harvard. We can make it fun for American children to learn science by giving them virtual rewards. In other words, technology now makes it possible for us to change the teaching paradigm. Elite universities no longer have a monopoly on quality education.

We can do to schools what PayPal did to banks and do to college networks what Facebook did to friendships. We can now make education affordable and pervasive. All this requires is investment in the right technologies and the type of mentoring and support being provided to students, such as the Thiel fellows. You could impact the lives of billions. So rather than debating each other, let’s work together on these lofty goals. I’ll do all I can to help.