Valllejo police: He was so drunk, he didn’t realize he was having sex

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    Oct 15, 2011 7:31 PM GMT
    Or just maybe, he was so embarrassed that others may have known that he had gay sex, he just had to claim it he was forced into it.

    In Vallejo, California, a derelict town best known for filing for bankruptcy because of sky-high police salaries and pensions, having laid off most of its police force, and for consequently turning into a hooker haven, the town apparently is left with only the brain-dead of the former police force. The police recently arrested an openly gay and out instructor at the California Maritime Academy for “forcing” an adult student to have sex at a private party. While it may not be a good idea for an instructor to have sexual relations with an adult student, it is not illegal in California.

    Apparently the unnamed student (although the instructor’s name was plastered all over every newspaper in the state) claims that the instructor “forced” him to inhale poppers, which caused him to become intoxicated, which caused him not to notice for a while that the instructor was sucking his dick. Then the student chose not to report the incident for several days. While it is theoretically possible that someone may force someone to inhale poppers (tie him up perhaps, or hold him down?), from the widespread use of poppers among gay men over many years, it should be inconceivable that inhaling poppers could intoxicate someone to the point at which they did not know what they were doing. The instructor was not arrested for distributing illegal drugs (are poppers even illegal?), but for sexual assault. The “victim” says that he would “normally have refused the sexual overtures.” Yeah; right. The “victim” does not even state that he asked/told the instructor to stop. A case of buyer’s remorse?

    Anyone can make a charge “rape” or “sexual assault,” but police are supposed to investigate before arresting someone, unless there is some evidence. The law requires “probable cause” that a crime occurred before the police can arrest someone for it. Just because two guys were in the same room together, even if a bottle of poppers were present (the olice do not report any evidence that it was), is not probable cause to arrest someone for sexual assault because one of the two said he was assaulted (after waiting several days to complain). No marks of force on the body, no corroborating witnesses. Further, a woman who was at the party stated that events did not occur as claimed by the supposed “victim.” And since the instructor was well-known in the community, and a respected teacher at the academy, he wasn’t about to disappear. He could always be arrested at a future time, if sufficient evidence should later be developed.

    There couldn’t be just a hint of anti-gay bias among the Vallejo police, could there? I sincerely hope that when this is all over, the instructor sues the city for false arrest and wins bigtime.

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    Oct 15, 2011 7:47 PM GMT
    Damn, wish I could have thought of that excuse when I got caught sucking off a guy on a hiking trail! icon_twisted.gif